A castor is essentially a wheeled device that is mounted to an instrument for easy movement. The castors are used in wide varieties of applications. The industries where castors are used is furniture, hospitality, warehouse trolleys, automotive factories, agricultural machineries, welding machines & other machineries. The size ranges from 40 mm in light duty furniture to 300mm in heavy duty industrial castors. The types of mounting for castors are:

Stem Castors – These castors are installed with a stem for mounting. The stem can be threaded, rounded or square. The stem sizes also varies based on application.

Plated Castors – These Castors come with top plates that usually contain four holes which are used to bolt the Castor to the instrument. The plate size and hole pitch come in various sizes based on the application.

Hollow Kingpin Castors – Colloquially in India this castor is also known as Eye-let castors. This type of castor has a opening for a bolt at the top. This provides great flexibility for mounting. Swiveling Castors – All the above castors come with the option of swiveling. If the instrument that are mounted with castors need to be turn left or right during movement, these castors are necessary.

Locking/Braking Castors – All the above castors can feature a lock/ brake. These castors helps to prevent the wheel from swiveling and/or rotating.

Fixed/Rigid Castors – Only plated and eyelet castors come with the option of rigid castors. In cases where only straight movement, rigid castors provide extra safety as it is much easier to control the movement of the instrument.

Catalog items are rated with manual operation in mind with a maximum towing speed of 3 Km/hr. For speeds over 3 km/hr or electric operation do get in touch with our customer service team.

The castors in our catalog and website have maximum load rating and this is the load that cannot be exceeded. Do keep in mind though that on uneven floors the weight distribution may not be even amongst all 4 wheels. For example if the weight of your trolley/equipment is 100 kg’s then at times due to uneven flooring one of the wheels may get lifted from the floor and the weight distribution then gets divided on only 3 wheels. This can impact the life of the castor wheel and also be unsafe for materials to be handled and hence should be kept in mind while selection.

Also, it is relevant to take into consideration the shock force. In other words if the equipment will be dropped from a certain height or if materials are dumped on the equipment from a certain height, the weight loaded will increase and affect the life of the castors.

We do deliver across India and also outside India. With modern day logistics the price of transport is optimized so that it doesn’t pinch your pockets. Also, for high quantities we provide free transport to your city (Note that you may have to pick it up from the logistics warehouse near you). Do get in touch with our customer service if we have a dealer in your city we may be able to supply locally.

Our Quality Assurance team takes utmost care before dispatch to deliver products that meet our highest quality standards. Also, we take pride in supplying materials that have been time tested and approved by Large OEM manufacturers, Material Handling Equipment manufacturers we can confidently say that there will be no issues in the materials supplied by us. However, to make the transaction hassle free and stress free for the customers we provide replacement guarantee to our customer against any manufacturing defects for 3 months from the date of sale.