As a manufacturer of high-quality Industrial Castors and wheels based in Rajajinagar, Bangalore, Muvall pays undivided attention and focus to designing and manufacturing Industrial Castors and wheels with different dimensions, materials and load capacities. With over a decade of experience, it is natural that our products go through a range of tests to satisfy the self-defined quality standards of the company.We follow a strict quality process and inspection to ensure we offer top-quality products to OEMs, Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers, resellers & customers across vast industry segments. A wide variety of products, a high-tech manufacturing facility, and competitive pricing make us one of the best castor wheel manufacturers in India. Contact us today to give us a chance to deliver you the right Industrial castors and wheels for your specific requirements!



From the manufacturing and design process to customer service, we aim to continuously enhance all of our business aspects so we continue to manufacture and deliver exceptional yet cost-effective Industrial Castors and wheels that ease mobility for our customers.



To use strong fundamentals of innovation, entrepreneurship and aggressive marketing to seize new opportunities and become a leading manufacturer of superior quality wheels and Castors.




Mr. Tarun Rathi

Over the last decade, our transparency, commitment to ethical principles and customer prioritization have helped us come a long way in achieving our goal of becoming the most preferred castor wheel manufacturer. Muvall today strives to embrace innovation and is known for its high-quality and reliable products.

As we move ahead with time, we are determined to push more boundaries and set new standards to exceed customers’ expectations and pursue success. We aim to craft tailored solutions to meet our customers’ requirements. It shall be our continuous endeavor to ensure our innovative approach leads us to the forefront of seamless mobility.


Unwavering Quality

Testing & Assurance


Load Capacity Test

Each wheel undergoes meticulous testing to determine its maximum weight-bearing capacity. This ensures suitability for a wide range of applications, providing reliability and peace of mind to our customers


Brake Fatigue Test

Safety is our priority. Our brake mechanism tests evaluate the number of brake applications before system failure, ensuring effective and reliable braking. This enhances control and stability in demanding environments.


Endurance Test

To ensure longevity, our wheels are subjected to rigorous endurance testing. We simulate real-world usage scenarios to assess durability, ensuring our wheels can withstand the rigors of industrial environments.