Corrosion-Resistance Performance

Stainless Steel Wheel Range

Crafted with a Grade SS304 body, stainless steel castor wheels are available with Polyurethane or UHMW Polymer wheels. Since these wheels meet stringent standards, they are ideal for industries such as food and pharmaceuticals, where it is essential to maintain specific hygiene levels.

Simply put, forged stainless steel castors and wheels do not compromise reliability and compliance, especially in spaces where uncompromised standards are necessary. The best thing about investing in forged stainless steel castor & wheels is that whether you are transporting equipment in a warehouse or navigating uneven terrain in an industrial setting, these wheels will always deliver the best performance that you can rely on.

Forged stainless steel castor wheels manufactured by Muvall are known for having exceptional strength and load bearing ability. It is because we engineer these wheels using superior quality forged steel with a corrosion-resistant coating to improve its appearance. Our forged castor wheels are highly resistant to wear and abrasion and ensure low noise movement.

In short, Muvall’s forged stainless steel wheels are an ideal choice for various industrial, commercial and residential applications, as our wheels never fail to offer unmatched durability, reliability and performance. If you do not believe us, explore our extensive selection of forged stainless steel castor wheels today and experience the difference our high-quality and precisely engineered castors can bring to your business operations.

Product codeWheel DiameterWheel WidthTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
FSS304 F 100 50 PLWB100mm50mm135mm100x100mmNA75x75mm10mm180Kgs
FSS304 F 150 50 PLWB150mm50mm185mm125x100mmNA100x75mm12mm260Kgs
FSS304 F 200 50 PLWB200mm50mm245mm125x100mmNA100x75mm12mm300Kgs
FSS304 S 100 50 PLWB100mm50mm135mm100x100mmNA75x75mm10mm180Kgs
FSS304 S 150 50 PLWB150mm50mm185mm125x100mmNA100x75mm12mm260Kgs
FSS304 S 200 50 PLWB200mm50mm245mm125x100mmNA100x75mm12mm300Kgs
FSS304 B 100 50 PLWB100mm100x50mm135mm100x100mmNA75x75mm10mm180Kgs
FSS304 B 150 50 PLWB150mm50mm185mm125x100mmNA100x75mm12mm260Kgs
FSS304 B 200 50 PLWB200mm50mm245mm125x100mmNA100x75mm12mm300Kgs
Product codeWheel DiameterWheel WidthTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
FSS304 F 50 25 PUSB(W)50mm25mm80mm75x50mmNA60x30mm6mm45Kgs
FSS304 F 75 25 PUSB(W)75mm25mm105mm75x65mmNA54x43mm8mm65Kgs
FSS304 F 75 32 PUSB(W)75mm32mm105mm75x65mmNA55x55mm9mm115Kgs
FSS304 F 100 32 PUSB(W)100mm32mm135mm75x75mmNA55x55mm9mm125Kgs
FSS304 F 125 32 PUSB(W)125mm32mm155mm100x80mmNA80x60mm10mm155Kgs
FSS304 F 100 38 PUSB(W)100mm38mm135mm100x80mmNA80x60mm10mm150Kgs
FSS304 F 125 38 PUSB(W)125mm38mm155mm100x80mmNA80x60mm10mm160Kgs
FSS304 F 100 50 PUB(W)100mm50mm135mm100x100mmNA75x75mm10mm180Kgs
FSS304 F 125 50 PUB(W)125mm50mm155mm125x100mmNA100x75mm12mm225Kgs
FSS304 F 150 50 PUB(W)150mm50mm185mm125x100mmNA100x75mm12mm260Kgs
FSS304 F 200 50 PUB(W)200mm50mm245mm125x100mmNA100x75mm12mm300Kgs
FSS304 B 50 25 PUSB(W)50mm25mm80mm75x50mmNA60x30mm6mm45Kgs
FSS304 B 75 25 PUSB(W)75mm25mm105mm75x65mmNA54x43mm8mm65Kgs
FSS304 B 75 32 PUSB(W)75mm32mm105mm75x65mmNA55x55mm9mm115Kgs
FSS304 B 100 32 PUSB(W)100mm32mm135mm75x75mmNA55x55mm9mm125Kgs
FSS304 B 125 32 PUSB(W)125mm32mm155mm100x80mmNA80x60mm10mm155Kgs
FSS304 B 100 38 PUSB(W)100mm38mm135mm100x80mmNA80x60mm10mm150Kgs
FSS304 B 125 38 PUSB(W)125mm38mm155mm100x80mmNA80x60mm10mm160Kgs
FSS304 B 100 50 PUB(W)100mm50mm135mm100x100mmNA75x75mm10mm180Kgs
FSS304 B 125 50 PUB(W)125mm50mm155mm125x100mmNA100x75mm12mm225Kgs
FSS304 B 150 50 PUB(W)150mm50mm185mm125x100mmNA100x75mm12mm260Kgs
FSS304 B 200 50 PUB(W)200mm50mm245mm125x100mmNA100x75mm12mm300Kgs


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Forged stainless steel castor wheels are wheels that are made from high-quality stainless steel using a forging process. These wheels offer excellent strength and durability because they are manufactured by shaping solid steel under high pressure. Moreover, forged stainless steel castors are corrosion resistant, and that is why they are ideal for applications that demand hygiene. The best thing about these wheels is that they provide long lasting performance in extreme environments, as their superior constructions allow them to do so.

The main feature that sets forged stainless steel castor wheels apart from other materials is exceptional durability and strength. These wheels are ideal for industrial applications more than any other wheel materials like plastic or aluminum. That is because stainless steel castors can withstand harsh conditions without compromising performance. Moreover, unlike any other wheel material, the forged construction of the wheel adds to its reliability and longevity.

There are many benefits to using forged stainless steel wheels. Here are some:

  • The wheels offer exceptional durability. As a result, they provide long term reliability, and that too in demanding environments.
  • The wheels boast high load bearing capacities. It means they support heavy loads easily and conveniently.
  • Forged stainless steel wheels offer high performance in wet and corrosive conditions as they are resistant to corrosion.
  • They facilitate smooth performance and quiet operation. It makes the work environments safer and more comfortable.

Many industries rely on forged stainless steel castors, from heavy manufacturing and automotive to food processing and pharmaceutical. These wheels are best for extreme environments and applications that demand cleanliness and hygiene like food production facilities and pharmaceutical labs.

Yes! Forged stainless steel wheels are specially designed to withstand harsh environments. The wheels’ corrosion resistant properties make them suitable for use in environments exposed to moisture, chemicals and extreme temperatures. So, from industrial facilities and outdoor applications to marine environments, forged stainless steel castor wheels do not compromise their performance and ensure durability even in demanding conditions.

Although stainless steel castor wheels are not as cost effective as other castor materials, they are worth your investment because they offer long term value. Once you invest in these wheels, you will hardly have to bear any replacement or maintenance expenses as these wheels are highly durable and do not get damaged quickly. In addition, forged stainless steel castors can withstand harsh environments and bear heavy loads. This will eventually lead to decreased costs and improved productivity for many industries and applications.

Forged stainless steel castors offer excellent strength and durability and that is why these wheels are suitable for heavy duty machinery and equipment. Simply put, the equipment used in manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and logistics industries benefit the most from forged stainless steel wheels because these castor wheels are ideal for applications that involve high loads, constant movement and rugged environments. So, from conveyor systems and carts to industrial racks and trolleys, stainless steel wheels improve productivity and ensure smooth operation.

Forged stainless steel castor wheels can carry loads ranging from hundreds to several thousand pounds per wheel. It means they support light, medium and heavy duty loads. With robust construction, these wheels work best in applications that require transporting heavy loads with stability.

Yes! Due to their robust construction and corrosion-resistant properties, forged stainless steel castor wheels significantly contribute to workplace safety and equipment longevity. Since the wheels ensure stable and reliable operation, they minimize the risk of equipment failure or accidents. Moreover, durable stainless steel material prolongs the wheels’ lifespan and reduces the need to maintain and replace the wheels frequently. Thus, it is safe to say that investment in forged stainless steel castors extends the equipment’s lifespan while also promoting a safer work environment.

The durable construction and smooth operation of forged stainless steel castor wheels make them compatible with many flooring surfaces such as hardwood, carpet, tile, concrete and vinyl. So, whether you use forged stainless steel castor on warehouse floors, office spaces or industrial facilities, reliable mobility with no damage on the flooring surface in both indoor and outdoor environments is guaranteed.