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Superior Grip Castor Wheels

Polyurethane anti skid castor wheels are wheels with a specialized design to prevent slippage. These wheels reduce the risk of accidents by offering a reliable grip, stability and control in various applications. This quality makes them ideal for settings that demand slip resistance. Featuring a shore hardness of 95 Shore A and load capacity range of 12-300 kgs, anti skid PU castors have a suitable temperature range of -55° to 80° Celsius and are available in wheel sizes 4-8 inches.

We at Muvall design our anti skid PU castors in a way that they are guaranteed to offer top-tier performance across various surfaces. All our PU castor wheels are manufactured using premium polyurethane, and these castors are the best mobility solutions for you if you want to ensure your equipment, material and furniture glide effortlessly without wear on the surfaces. Moreover, robust material is also one of the reasons that our wheels offer excellent resistance to wear and tear, a longer lifespan and an aesthetic appeal.

Whether maneuvering over smooth and slippery surfaces or navigating through rough and uneven terrain, our polyurethane anti skid castor wheels provide the versatile mobility you need in a wide range of applications. The best thing about these wheels is that they are easy to install and protect the floors from scuffs and marks. So, choose anti skid PU castor & wheels by Muvall and get access to a reliable, durable and floor friendly mobility solution!

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel DiameterWheel WidthTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
MFTP F 100 50 PUTBNA100mm50mm142mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm230Kgs
MFTP F 150 50 PUTBNA150mm50mm192mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm280Kgs
MFTP F 200 50 PUTBNA200mm50mm242mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm300Kgs
MFTP S 100 50 PUTB74mm100mm50mm142mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm230Kgs
MFTP S 150 50 PUTB109mm150mm50mm192mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm280Kgs
MFTP S 200 50 PUTB153mm200mm50mm242mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm300Kgs
MFTP B 100 50 PUTB145mm100mm50mm142mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm230Kgs
MFTP B 150 50 PUTB145mm150mm50mm192mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm280Kgs
MFTP B 200 50 PUTB158mm200mm50mm242mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm300Kgs

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel DiameterWheel WidthTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
HDF F 100 50 PUTBNA100mm50mm158mm150x112mmNA120x60mm13mm230Kgs
HDF F 150 50 PUTBNA150mm50mm205mm150x112mmNA120x60mm13mm280Kgs
HDF F 200 50 PUTBNA200mm50mm254mm150x112mmNA120x60mm13mm300Kgs
HDF S 100 50 PUTB91mm100mm50mm158mm15x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm230Kgs
HDF S 150 50 PUTB130mm150mm50mm205mm15x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm280Kgs
HDF S 200 50 PUTB151mm200mm50mm254mm15x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm300Kgs
HDF B 100 50 PUTB155mm100mm50mm158mm15x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm230Kgs
HDF B 150 50 PUTB163mm150mm50mm205mm15x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm280Kgs
HDF B 200 50 PUTB187mm200mm50mm254mm15x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm300Kgs
Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel DiameterWheel WidthTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
PST F 100 50 PUTBNA100mm50mm135mm135x114mmNA105x80mm13.5x11mm230Kgs
PST F 150 50 PUTBNA150mm50mm185mm135x114mmNA105x80mm13.5x11mm280Kgs
PST F 200 50 PUTBNA200mm50mm235mm135x114mmNA105x80mm13.5x11mm300Kgs
PST S 100 50 PUTB93mm100mm50mm135mm135x110mmNA105x80mm13.5x11mm230Kgs
PST S 150 50 PUTB117mm150mm50mm185mm135x110mmNA105x80mm13.5x1mm280Kgs
PST F 200 50 PUTB131mm200mm50mm235mm135x110mmNA105x80mm13.5x11mm300Kgs
PST B 100 50 PUTB100mm50mm135mm135x110mmNA105x80mm13.5x11mm230Kgs
PST B 150 50 PUTB160mm150mm50mm185mm135x110mmNA105x80mm13.5x11mm280Kgs
PST B 200 50 PUTB160mm200mm50mm325mm135x110mmNA105x80mm13.5x11mm300Kgs

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel DiameterWheel WidthTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
PSTIL F 100 50 PUTBNA100mm50mm140mm95x95mmNA70x70mm16x11mm130Kgs
PSTIL F 150 50 PUTBNA150mm50mm194mm115x102mmNA90x64mm16x11mm150Kgs
PSTIL F 200 50 PUTBNA200mm50mm249mm102x115mmNA90x64mm16x11mm180Kgs
PSTIL S 100 50 PUTB116mm100mm50mm140mm95x95mmNA70x70mm16x11mm130Kgs
PSTIL S 150 50 PUTB116mm150mm50mm194mm120x95mmNA90x64mm16x11mm150Kgs
PSTIL F 200 50 PUTB144mm200mm50mm249mm95x120mmNA90x64mm16x11mm180Kgs
PSTIL B 100 50 PUTB136mm100mm50mm140mm95x95mmNA70x70mm16x11mm130Kgs
PSTIL B 150 50 PUTB136mm150mm50mm194mm120x95mmNA90x64mm16x11mm150Kgs
PSTIL B 200 50 PUTB147mm200mm50mm249mm95x120mmNA90x64mm16x11mm180Kgs


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Anti skid polyurethane castor wheels are wheels that are designed to increase friction and reduce the chances of slippage during movement. These wheels are made using durable polyurethane and they are ideal for use in both, smooth and uneven surfaces. Since anti skid PU wheels provide a secure grip and prevent accidental sliding, they are commonly used in environments that demand safety and stability. The feature that sets low gravity castor wheels apart from other wheels is the ability of these wheels to keep the center of gravity lower, allowing them to offer more balance and control. Moreover, this feature also makes these wheels ideal for industrial and medical applications that demand stability.

Here are some benefits that make polyurethane anti skid castors stand out:

  • Highly durable, resistant to chemicals and wear, and has non-marking properties
  • Reduce noise and absorb shocks while providing exceptional tractions on slippery surfaces
  • Superior performance and longevity
All these benefits make anti skid polyurethane castor wheels ideal for both industrial and aesthetic-sensitive environments.

Due to their versatility and non-marking and durable nature, anti-skid polyurethane castors are suitable for use in indoor and outdoor settings across many industries such as manufacturing, retail, airports, education, automotive, hospitality, laboratories, etc. They are ideal for applications including carts, trolleys, hospital beds, food service equipment and many more.

Anti-skid PU castors provide superior grip and reduce the risk of slips and falls. Moreover, their polyurethane construction enables them to absorb shock and offer smooth and quiet operation. This is how the wheels enhance safety in wet and uneven conditions and boost performance by handling heavy loads with less damage on floors.

Polyurethane anti skid castor wheels are best for smooth, uneven and slippery surfaces of indoor and outdoor settings in manufacturing units, warehouses and hospitals. In addition, their resistance to chemicals and abrasions makes them ideal for harsh industrial environments where regular wheels might fail to offer the desired performance and durability.

Maintaining anti skid polyurethane castor wheels does not require much effort as it only involves cleaning the wheels regularly to remove dirt and debris that can hinder smooth movement. Besides this, it is important to check the wheels for any loose bolts or damage to the tread and tighten the bolts to ensure optimal performance and safety. Regular maintenance also results in an extended lifespan of the wheel.

Polyurethane anti skid castor wheels are designed in such a way that they easily provide excellent grip while withstanding heavy loads. In other words, due to their robust material composition, these wheels can support substantial weights and move heavy equipment across many surfaces without deforming and losing functionality. This way, anti skid polyurethane castor adds to increased operational efficiency and safety in industrial environments.

Yes! Anti skid polyurethane castors are highly versatile castor wheels that you can conveniently use on indoor and outdoor surfaces. Their strong and reliable material ensures excellent performance against many surfaces-including rough outdoor environments and smooth indoor floors.

At Muvall, we believe in offering the best anti skid polyurethane castor wheels with superior functionality and reliability to our customers. That is why we ensure all our castor wheels undergo rigorous testing, extensive performance and durability tests and strict quality measures. Moreover, each castor wheel in our facilities is manufactured using premium materials and the latest manufacturing techniques. This meticulous process helps us maintain high standards in our product offerings and deliver castor wheels that not only meet but exceed the needs of our customers.

You should choose us as your trusted castor & wheel manufacturer because not just anti skid polyurethane castors but all our castors and wheels offer excellent durability and stability. They are designed to ensure smooth operation across industrial and commercial environments, and that too, with minimal noise and uncompromised quality. Reach out to us today and give us a chance to help you enhance the mobility and efficiency of your equipment or material!