PP Wheel Range

Versatile Mobility Solutions

Polypropylene wheels are made of polypropylene, an ideal material for high volume and low cost wheel fabrication. Available in wheel sizes 2.5-8 Inches, these wheels are fracture resistant, noise and vibration dampening, have a high load capacity (80-400 Kgs) and cost less than similar wheel materials. No matter the type of chemicals found in industrial environments, PP wheels can withstand exposure to all (acids, alkalis, oils and other harsh solvents).

This resistance to corrosion and chemicals is one of the key factors that make polypropylene castors ideal for usage in various environments where chemical exposure is prevalent. These environments include manufacturing facilities, medical settings, laboratories and food processing plants. Furthermore, the lightweight yet sturdy nature of the wheel enables them to support and move heavy loads.

Material handling carts, dollies, furniture and medical equipment are some common PP wheel applications across industries. So, whether you need to transport goods in a warehouse, move medical equipment in a hospital or roll furniture in a home, polypropylene castor wheels are all you need!

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel SizeTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
PSTS F 50 26 PPBNA50x26mm74mm70x51mmNA52x35mm8.5x11mm50Kgs
PSTS S 50 26 PPB50mm50x26mm74mm70x51mmNA52x35mm8.5x11mm50Kgs
PSTS B 50 26 PPB85mm50x26mm74mm70x51mmNA52x35mm8.5x11mm50Kgs
PSTS BT 50 26 PPB50mm50x26mm74mmNA25mmNANA50Kgs
PSTS BTBK 50 26 PPB85mm50x26mm74mmNA25mmNANA50Kgs
PSTS F 65 32 PPBNA65x32mm91.5mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x11mm70Kgs
PSTS S 65 32 PPB71mm65x32mm91.5mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x11mm70Kgs
PSTS B 65 32 PPB114mm65x32mm91.5mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x11mm70Kgs
PSTS F 75 32 PPBNA75x32mm103mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x11mm100Kgs
PSTS S 75 32 PPB75mm75x32mm103mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x11mm100Kgs
PSTS B 75 32 PPB114mm75x32mm103mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x11mm100Kgs
PSTS BT 75 32 PPB75mm75x32mm103mmNA30mmNANA100Kgs
PSTS BTBK 75 32 PPB114mm75x32mm103mmNA30mmNANA100Kgs
PSTS F 100 32 PPBNA100x32mm130mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x11mm130Kgs
PSTS S 100 32 PPB85mm100x32mm130mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x11mm130Kgs
PSTS B 100 32 PPB114mm100x32mm130mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x11mm130Kgs
PSTS BT 100 32 PPB85mm100x32mm130mmNA30mmNANA130Kgs
PSTS BTBK 100 32 PPB114mm100x32mm130mmNA30mmNANA130Kgs

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel SizeTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
PSTP F 100 40 PPBNA100x40mm135mm100x82mmNA75x55mm15x11mm180Kgs
PSTP S 100 40 PPB88mm100x40mm135mm100x82mmNA75x55mm15x11mm180Kgs
PSTP B 100 40 PPB114mm100x40mm135mm100x82mmNA75x55mm15x11mm180Kgs
PSTP F 150 40 PPBNA150x40mm190mm112x100mmNA85x72mm15x11mm250Kgs
PSTP S 150 40 PPB118mm150x40mm190mm112x100mmNA85x72mm15x11mm250Kgs
PSTP B 150 40 PPB130mm150x40mm190mm112x100mmNA85x72mm15x11mm250Kgs

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel SizeTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
MFTP F 150 50 PPBNA150x50mm192mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm280Kgs
MFTP S 150 50 PPB109mm150x50mm192mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm280Kgs
MFTP B 150 50 PPB144mm150x50mm192mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm280Kgs
MFTP F 200 50 PPBNA200x50mm242mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm300Kgs
MFTP S 200 50 PPB153mm200x50mm242mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm300Kgs
MFTP B 200 50 PPB158mm200x50mm242mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm300Kgs

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel SizeTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
HDF F 150 50 PPBNA150x50mm205mm150x112mmNA120x60mm13mm350Kgs
HDF S 150 50 PPB130mm150x50mm205mm150x110mmNA120x60mm26x14mm350Kgs
HDF B 150 50 PPB163mm150x50mm205mm150x110mmNA120x60mm26x14mm350Kgs
HDF F 200 50 PPBNA200x50mm254mm150x112mmNA120x60mm13mm450Kgs
HDF S 200 50 PPB151mm200x50mm254mm150x110mmNA120x60mm26x14mm450Kgs
HDF B 200 50 PPB187mm200x50mm254mm150x110mmNA120x60mm26x14mm450Kgs

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel SizeTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
PSTIL F 150 50 PPBNA150x50mm194mm115x102mmNA90x64mm16x11mm150Kgs
PSTIL S 150 50 PPB110mm150x50mm194mm120x95mmNA90x64mm16x11mm150Kgs
PSTIL B 150 50 PPB135mm150x50mm194mm120x95mmNA90x64mm16x11mm180Kgs
PSTIL F 200 50 PPBNA200x50mm249mm115x102mmNA90x64mm16x11mm180Kgs
PSTIL S 200 50 PPB144mm200x50mm249mm120x95mmNA90x64mm16x11mm180Kgs
PSTIL B 200 50 PPB147mm200x50mm249mm120x95mmNA90x64mm16x11mm180Kgs

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel SizeTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
MFTP F 100 50 PPB(S)NA100x50mm142mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm230Kgs
MFTP S 100 50 PPB(S74mm100x50mm142mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm230Kgs
MFTP B 100 50 PPB(S)145mm100x50mm142mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm230Kgs
MFTP F 150 50 PPB(S)NA150x50mm192mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm280Kgs
MFTP S 150 50 PPB(S)109mm150x50mm192mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm280Kgs
MFTP B 150 50 PPB(S)147mm200x50mm249mm120x95mmNA90x64mm16x11mm180Kgs

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel SizeTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
HDF F 100 50 PPB(S)NA100x50mm158mm150x112mmNA120x60mm13mm250Kgs
HDF S 100 50 PPB(S)91mm100x50mm158mm150x110mmNA120x60mm26x14mm250Kgs
HDF B 100 50 PPB(S)155mm100x50mm158mm150x110mmNA120x60mm26x14mm250Kgs
HDF F 150 50 PPB(S)NA150x50mm205mm150x112mmNA120x60mm13mm350Kgs
HDF S 150 50 PPB(S)130mm150x50mm205mm150x110mmNA120x60mm26x14mm350Kgs
HDF B 150 50 PPB(S)163mm150x50mm205mm150x110mmNA120x60mm26x14mm350Kgs
HDF F 200 50 PPB(S)NA200x50mm254mm150x112mmNA120x60mm13mm450Kgs
HDF S 200 50 PPB(S)151mm200x50mm254mm150x112mmNA120x60mm26x14mm450Kgs
HDF B 200 50 PPB(S)187mm200x50mm254mm150x110mmNA120x60mm26x14mm450Kgs

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel SizeTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
PSTIL F 100 50 PPB(SNA100x50mm140mm95x95mmNA70x70mm16x11mm130Kgs
PSTIL S 100 50 PPB(S)91mm100x50mm140mm95x95mmNA70x70mm16x11mm130Kgs
PSTIL B 100 50 PPB(S)155mm100x50mm140mm95x95mmNA70x70mm16x11mm130Kgs
PSTIL F 150 50 PPB(S)NA150x50mm194mm115x102mmNA90x64mm16x11mm150Kgs
PSTIL S 150 50 PPB(S)116mm150x50mm194mm120x95mmNA90x64mm16x11mm150Kgs
PSTIL B 150 50 PPB(S)136mm150x50mm194mm120x95mmNA90x64mm16x11mm150Kgs
PSTIL F 200 50 PPB(S)NA200x50mm249mm102x115mmNA90x64mm16x11mm180Kgs
PSTIL S 200 50 PPB(S144mm200x50mm249mm95x120mmNA90x64mm16x11mm180Kgs
PSTIL B 200 50 PPB(S)147mm200x50mm249mm95x120mmNA90x64mm16x11mm180Kgs


Your Ultimate Selection Guide!




The wheels made from polypropylene (a thermoplastic polymer) are called polypropylene wheels. Limited rolling resistance, affordability and ability to withstand harsh environments make PP castor wheels a great fit for diverse industries.

The best thing about these wheels is that their construction is durable, non staining and corrosion resistant to a wide variety of outdoor and indoor substances. Featuring 92-95 Shore A Hardness, PP wheels have a suitable temperature range from 55° to 80° Celsius.

Here are some more characteristics or exceptional properties of polypropylene castor wheels:

  • White zinc finish
  • Promotes time-efficient product maneuvering
  • Provide smooth and quiet operation
  • Anti-corrosive & rust-resistant
  • Rolls smoothly across different surfaces

Polypropylene is undoubtedly one of the best wheel materials. Its unique blend of durability and lightweight nature makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications in the manufacturing, food processing and logistics industries. Not only does this wheel material maintain low friction, but it also offers smooth movements. Moreover, polypropylene has non-marking properties and is resistant to many chemicals, organic solvents and corrosive substances. It means the wheel leaves minimal marks on the floor and offers longevity in various environments.

Heavy duty polypropylene castor wheels are wheels specifically designed for heavy weight applications. In other words, these wheels are ideal for the most demanding working conditions because the wheel bearings are designed to improve the resistance capacity of the wheels. Additionally, heavy duty wheels usually go through many tests such as salt spray, fluid resistance, compression set, temperature and UV enduring tests, and more to ensure their flawlessness. As a result, many businesses appreciate heavy duty polypropylene wheels’ excellent load-bearing capacity. Typically, these types of polypropylene castors are used in material handling applications, industrial settings and manufacturing plants where excellent strength, chemical resilience and load bearing capacity are vital requirements.

Although PP wheels have a lower load capacity than nylon wheels, you can use them in many industrial settings for different applications. For example, the wheels remain in demand for hygiene requirements and resistance to chemicals in the food and pharmaceutical industry. In addition, PP wheels are used in industrial settings like manufacturing facilities and distribution centers to support and transfer heavy loads efficiently. Thanks to the polypropylene wheel’s durability and versatility, you can use them in retail environments and residential applications.

Businesses have many reasons to use polypropylene wheels. Here are some:

  • The wheels are highly durable and offer long-lasting performance due to their resistance to chemicals and corrosion.
  • They consume less energy and promote cost savings during transportation and handling because of their lightweight nature.
  • PP wheels enhance workplace efficiency and employee satisfaction by providing smooth and quiet operations.

Yes! Since polypropylene wheels are non-toxic, odorless, chemical-resistant and FDA-approved, you can effectively use them in environments that demand hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation. These environments include food processing facilities, commercial kitchens and catering equipment.

Cleaning polypropylene castor wheels every day is enough to remove dirt and debris and keep the wheels in good condition. That means that these wheels require very minimal maintenance. But remember, the maintenance also depends on the application and environment. Sometimes the wheels may demand occasional lubrication and periodic inspections to check for wear and tear and function smoothly. Overall, PP wheels are known for their resistance to chemicals, corrosion and moisture, thus reducing the need for extensive maintenance. These qualities make polypropylene wheels convenient for different commercial and industrial applications.

Although polypropylene is a recyclable material, the eco-friendliness of the wheel depends on several factors. Some manufacturers contribute to environmental conservation by offering wheels made from recycled polypropylene. In addition, PP wheels’ durability and resistance to chemicals and corrosion add to their lifespan, thus reducing the need for frequent replacements and waste generation. However, consider the wheels’ entire lifecycle from production to disposal as it is the only way to access its overall eco-friendliness.

Choosing the right polypropylene wheel is necessary to ensure operational efficiency, safety and your equipment’s running cost. Load capacity, application environment (indoors, outdoors or specialized conditions), wheel diameter, wheel type (rigid or swivel castors), bearing type and compatibility (between the wheel’s mounting method and your equipment) are some factors you should consider when choosing a polypropylene wheel to satisfy your unique needs and increase your material handling operation’s efficiency.

There is no fixed lifespan of polypropylene wheels as it depends on various factors like usage frequency, load capacity, maintenance and environmental conditions. If you clean these wheels daily and maintain them properly, you can even make them last for years. On the other hand, utilizing them in harsh environments can result in a shorter lifespan.