Static Control for Sensitive Environments

ESD Safe Mobility

Electrostatic dissipative castor wheels are castors that diminish or eradicate static electricity in different ways. These types of castors are usually used in industrial, technology centric or sensitive settings where static electricity poses a risk to sensitive electronic products and equipment when moving them on carts with castors. ESD castor wheels have a higher resistance.

As a result, the current of electrons moves through the tread slower and in a more controlled way than conductive castor wheels. Not only do ESD castor wheels provide enough protection for various applications, but these wheels also give users the flexibility to use highly versatile castors for several industrial applications.

Overall, ESD wheels are specialized castors and wheel solutions that you can use to ensure reliable mobility of your equipment and materials while also preventing them from any potential damage by electrostatic discharge. If you want to partner with the best castors and wheel manufacturers, Muvall is here for you! Get in touch with our experts today as we can help you make the right castor choice that best fits your unique situation and budget.

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel SizeTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
PSTS F 75 32 ESDBNA75x32mm103mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm100Kgs
PSTS S 75 32 ESDB75mm75x32mm103mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm100Kgs
PSTS B 75 32 ESDB114mm75x32mm103mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm100Kgs
PSTS BT 75 32 ESDB75mm75x32mm103mmNA30mmNANA100Kgs
PSTS BTBK 75 32 ESDB114mm75x32mm103mmNA30mmNANA100Kgs
PSTS F 100 32 ESDBNA100x32mm130mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm130Kgs
PSTS S 100 32 ESDB85mm100x32mm130mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm130Kgs
PSTS B 100 32 ESDB114mm100x32mm130mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm130Kgs
PSTS BT 100 32 ESDB85mm100x32mm130mmNA30mmNANA130Kgs
PSTS BTBK 100 32 ESDB114mm100x32mm130mmNA30mmNANA130Kgs


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Wheels that are made from material that conducts electricity and are specially designed to be used in electrostatic discharge environments are called electrostatic dissipative castor wheels. These wheels are designed to prevent static electricity discharge and buildup and contain conductive materials that allow controlled dissipation of static charges. As a result, ESD wheels offer the best level of protection against electrostatic discharge after conductive castor wheels, thus preserving the integrity of valuable electronic equipment and ensuring a safe working environment.

Here are some key features of electrostatic dissipative wheels:

  • The wheels are engineered to dissipate static electricity and maintain a stable grounding connection to safeguard sensitive equipment from potential damage that electrostatic events may cause.
  • These wheels are made of conductive materials (carbon-filled polymers or metal alloys) to prevent static buildup.
  • The wheels ensure minimal friction and potential charge generation as they have low rolling resistance for smooth mobility.

ESD castor wheels are specially manufactured to prevent static electricity buildup. This quality makes the wheels crucial for electrostatic discharge sensitive environments. If we talk about standard castor wheels, they generate and retain static charges, unlike electrostatic dissipative castors that effectively channel static electricity away. In other words, ESD wheels reduce the risk of damage to sensitive electronic equipment or igniting flammable substances, thus ensuring safer operation in electronics manufacturing, healthcare and aerospace industries compared to other standard castor wheels.

Electrostatic dissipative castors are vital for areas where electrostatic buildup is a problem. Some areas that can greatly benefit from ESD castors are computer server room equipment, cleanrooms, aerospace and defense, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, semiconductor industry, electronics manufacturing and other ESD sensitive environments.

Electrostatic dissipative wheels prevent the accumulation of static electricity and minimize the risk of electrostatic discharge incidents. Doing so is necessary in environments with sensitive electronic equipment or flammable materials as ESD can cause damage or ignite fires. Simply put, ESD wheels add to workplace safety, reduce the risk of potential hazards and ensure smoother operations by dissipating static charges effectively.

Yes! Since electrostatic dissipative (ESD) wheels are specially engineered to prevent static electricity buildup, they provide reliable ESD protection. It means you can use them safely with sensitive electronic equipment. Muvall’s ESD wheels do not cause any damage to delicate electronic components during transportation or handling, and no matter the industrial environment, our wheels ensure the integrity and safety of your sensitive equipment.

ESD castor wheels from Muvall do not require any special maintenance or care as they are designed keeping durability and strength in mind. However, daily inspection is recommended to detect any signs of wear or damage. Besides this, you can also consider cleaning the wheels with mild soap and water as this much maintenance is enough to keep the wheels in good condition and ensure that the wheels continue to provide excellent performance in static sensitive environments. But remember, avoid using harsh chemicals that can affect the wheels’ properties.

Although electrostatic dissipative wheels offer exceptional static control indoors, these wheels may not work the best for outdoor settings. That is because some factors such as moisture, dust and rough terrain might affect their performance. Muvall’s ESD castor wheels are specially manufactured to withstand indoor industrial settings where static discharge is a concern. It means our electrostatic dissipative wheels offer reliable static control and durability indoors.

Yes! Muvall offers electrostatic dissipative castors in sizes 3-4 inches and that have a load capacity range of 100-130 kgs. Featuring 78 Shore A shore hardness, these wheels have a suitable temperature range of 40° to 75° Celsius. Muvall can also help you figure out the best castor wheels for your individual requirements. So, do not hesitate to contact us for ESD castor selections as we are always here to help you!

You can only determine the right electrostatic dissipative castor wheels for your application once you consider factors like load capacity, environment (indoor or outdoor), industry standard compliance and flooring type. Moreover, consider asking for personalized recommendations from Muvall’s experts so we can help you assess your specific requirements. This way, you can determine the best ESD castor wheels that ensure safety and optimal performance for your equipment and workplace.