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Nylon castor wheels are a popular choice in the castor and wheel industry as these wheels offer the strength and durability required to bear significant loads without deformation. Since the wheels are made using high grade polymers, they offer a unique combination of toughness and reliability. Many industries rely on nylon castor wheels because they have a long lifespan and that they are resistant to dirt, dust and other contaminants.

In addition, nylon castors are impervious to many chemicals, solvents and oils. That is why these wheels are best suited to harsh environments. If we talk about cost effectiveness, nylon castor wheels are generally more affordable compared to other castor wheels. It means if you are looking for budget friendly castor wheels with no compromise on the quality, nylon wheels can be your best option.

The ease of movement (less effort required to start), minimal maintenance and high load bearing capacity are some other factors that make nylon castors a robust and affordable solution for various applications that demand strength and durability.

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel SizeTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
MFTP F 100 50 NYBNA100x50mm142mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm300Kgs
MFTP S 100 50 NYB74mm100x50mm142mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm300Kgs
MFTP B 100 50 NYB145mm100x50mm142mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm300Kgs
MFTP F 150 50 NYBNA150x50mm192mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm500Kgs
MFTP S 150 50 NYB109mm150x50mm192mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm500Kgs
MFTP B 150 50 NYB145mm150x50mm192mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm500Kgs
MFTP F 200 50 NYBNA200x50mm242mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm600Kgs
MFTP S 200 50 NYB153mm200x50mm242mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm600Kgs
MFTP B 200 50 NYB158mm200x50mm242mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm600Kgs

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel SizeTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
HDF F 100 50 NYBNA100x50mm158mm150x112mmNA120x60mm13mm300Kgs
HDF S 100 50 NYB91mm100x50mm158mm15x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm300Kgs
HDF B 100 50 NYB155mm100x50mm158mm15x110mmNA120x60mm20x13mm300Kgs
HDF F 150 50 NYBNA150x50mm205mm150x112mmNA120x60mm13mm500Kgs
HDF S 150 50 NYB130mm150x50mm205mm15x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm500Kgs
HDF B 150 50 NYB163mm150x50mm205mm15x110mmNA120x60mm20x13mm500Kgs
HDF F 200 50 NYBNA200x50mm254mm150x112mmNA120x60mm13mm600Kgs
HDF S 200 50 NYB151mm200x50mm254mm15x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm60Kgs
HDF B 200 50 NYB187mm200x50mm254mm15x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm600Kgs

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel SizeTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
PSTIL F 100 38 NYBNA100x38mm14095x95mmNA70x70mm16x11mm120Kgs
PSTIL S 100 38 NYB116mm100x38mm140mm95x95mmNA70x70mm16x11mm120Kgs
PSTIL B 100 38 NYB136mm100x38mm140mm95x95mmNA70x70mm16x11mm120Kgs
PSTIL F 150 38 NYBNA150x38mm194mm115x102mmNA90x64mm16x11mm140Kgs
PSTIL S 150 38 NYB116mm150x38mm194mm120x95mmNA90x64mm16x11mm140Kgs
PSTIL B 150 38 NYB136mm150x38mm194mm120x95mmNA90x64mm16x11mm140Kgs
PSTIL F 100 50 NYBNA100x50mm140mm95x95mmNA70x70mm16x11mm130Kgs
PSTIL S 100 50 NYB116mm100x50mm140mm95x95mmNA70x70mm16x11mm130Kgs
PSTIL B 100 50 NYB136mm100x50mm140mm95x95mmNA70x70mm16x11mm130Kgs
PSTIL F 150 50 NYBNA150x50mm194mm115x102mmNA90x64mm16x11mm150Kgs
PSTIL S 150 50 NYB116mm150x50mm194mm95x120mmNA90x64mm16x11mm150Kgs
PSTIL B 150 50 NYB136mm150x50mm194mm120x95mmNA90x64mm16x11mm150Kgs
PSTIL F 200 50 NYBNA200x50mm249mm102x115mmNA90x64mm16x11mm180Kgs
PSTIL S 200 50 NYB144mm200x50mm249mm95x120mmNA90x64mm16x11mm180Kgs
PSTIL B 200 50 NYB147mm200x50mm249mm95x120mmNA90x64mm16x11mm180Kgs


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Wheels made from nylon material known for their durability, resistance to chemicals properties and versatility are called nylon wheels. The best thing about these wheels is that they offer a combination of strength and flexibility. This quality makes nylon wheels different from rubber or metal castor wheels. Moreover, this quality also makes nylon castors ideal for many applications. Due to their excellent load bearing capabilities and resistance to wear and tear, these wheels are suitable for environments that demand smooth and quiet operation.

The specific weight capacity of the wheels depends on various factors like the wheel’s size, design and composition. It also depends on the wheel diameter and axle configuration. But typically, nylon wheels offer weight bearing capacities ranging from light duty to heavy duty applications. While light duty nylon wheels support loads up to 250 kgs per castor, heavy duty nylon wheels can handle loads exceeding 1000 kgs. Featuring shore hardness 95 Shore A, these wheels have a suitable temperature range of -55° to 80° Celsius.

Here are some benefits of using nylon castor wheels over traditional wheel materials:

  • Nylon wheels are lightweight, more durable and resistant to chemicals and corrosion. That is why they are suitable for a wide variety of applications compared to other castor wheels.
  • The wheels have exceptional shock absorption capabilities. As a result, they ensure noise-free operations.
  • Nylon wheels are versatile for both indoor and outdoor use because they offer excellent traction on various surfaces.
In a nutshell, nylon wheels are a cost-effective solution that never fails to offer enhanced performance and longevity compared to other castor wheel materials.

Nylon wheels are used in many industries including industrial manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, automotive, foundries and metalworking, construction and heavy duty applications, retail and commercial settings, hospitality, healthcare and institutional and educational facilities. Due to their smooth operation and durability, the wheels are used in material handling equipment like industrial carts and trolleys, dollies and conveyor systems and furniture such as office chairs and sliding doors.

Yes! Since nylon wheels can easily withstand frequent use and bear heavy loads without significant wear and tear, these wheels are considered highly durable. The Wheels’ excellent wear resistance and ability to maintain structural integrity and performance make them ideal for challenging environments. In addition, nylon wheels’ resistance to abrasion, chemicals and corrosion adds to its longevity and ensures unmatched performance in many applications.

Yes! Nylon wheels come in many sizes and configurations. That means, from small and lightweight nylon castors for office equipment and furniture to heavy duty castors for industrial machinery and material handling equipment, you will find all types of nylon castor wheels. Moreover, to accommodate different mounting requirements and surface conditions, nylon wheels are available in various shapes. This way, the wheels provide versatility for diverse usage cases.

The versatility of nylon wheels makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Resistance to moisture, chemicals and corrosion make the wheels ideal for outdoor applications where the wheels will be exposed to a wide range of temperatures and weather elements. Moreover, since nylon wheels are manufactured to withstand different temperatures, they ensure reliable performance in a wide range of climates.

Below are the factors you must consider when choosing nylon wheels for a specific application:

  • Load capacity (Access the weight the wheels need to bear)
  • Surface compatibility (The type of surface the wheels will roll on)
  • Environmental conditions (Whether the wheels will be used indoors or outdoors)
  • Required durability (If the wheels can bear extreme temperatures)
Besides the above four factors, do not forget to consider any special requirements of the application and compatibility with the mounting mechanisms.

If you are using nylon castor wheels for heavy load applications, consider the following factors:

  • Weight bearing capacity (Ensure that the wheels are engineered to withstand the intended load without failure)
  • Wheel diameter
  • Material thickness
  • Surface conditions and potential obstacles Inspect and maintain the wheels regularly
All the above factors will help you facilitate smooth operation, minimize wear by identifying any signs of damage and prevent accidents. This is how you can conveniently use nylon castors for heavy load applications.

The best way to obtain high-quality nylon wheels is to buy the wheels directly from the best nylon castor wheels manufacturer and supplier like Muvall. If you purchase castor wheels from us, authenticity and quality are guaranteed.