Durable Traction for Various Applications

Adaptable Thermoplastic Rubber Castors

Thermoplastic or TPR castor wheels combine the benefits of hard and soft tread material in one wheel. These wheels use the durability of rubber and strength of thermoplastic materials to offer many advantages like excellent floor protection, reliability and quiet operation. Since thermoplastic rubber wheels provide optimal mobility solutions while protecting delicate surfaces and reducing noise, they are widely used in medical, industrial, hospitality and retail applications.

These wheels also hold up well in harsh weather and are resistant to acids, salts, bases, chemicals, water and steam. If we talk about the weight capacities, TPR wheels feature weight capacities of 100-130 kgs. The wheel is chemically bonded to a polyolefin core and its operating temperature range is -40° to 75° Celsius. Many industries prefer using thermoplastic rubber castor wheels for applications that require wheels with non-marking properties that offer a cushioned and quiet ride.

Muvall’s TPR wheels are specially manufactured to provide top-notch durability and reliability. Due to good stability at low temperatures and quiet rolling operations, our TPR castor and wheels can accommodate various applications across a large number of industries. Some of these applications are medical equipment, institutional settings, retail outlets, carts and trolleys, hospitality, institutional furniture, etc.

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel SizeTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
PSTS F 75 32 TPRBNA75x32mm103mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm100Kgs
PSTS S 75 32 TPRB75mm75x32mm103mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm100Kgs
PSTS B 75 32 TPRB114mm75x32mm103mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm100Kgs
PSTS BT 75 32 TPRB75mm75x32mm103mmNA30mmNANA100Kgs
PSTS BTBK 75 32 TPRB114mm75x32mm103mmNA30mmNANA100Kgs
PSTS F 100 32 TPRBNA100x32mm130mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm130Kgs
PSTS S 100 32 TPRB85mm100x32mm130mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm130Kgs
PSTS B 100 32 TPRB114mm100x32mm130mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm130Kgs
PSTS BT 100 32 TPRB85mm100x32mm130mmNA30mmNANA130Kgs
PSTS BTBK 100 32 TPRB114mm100x32mm130mmNA30mmNANA130Kgs


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The wheels made from a combination of thermoplastic materials and rubber are called thermoplastic rubber wheels. This combination results in durable, flexible and resilient wheels that are ideal for many applications including material handling equipment, medical devices, carts and industrial machinery. Moreover, thermoplastic rubber castor wheels offer wonderful shock absorption, traction, resistance to chemicals, noise reduction and versatility.

Here are some advantages of using thermoplastic rubber castor wheels over other wheels:

  • Reduced vibrations
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Non-marking properties (do not cause any damage to delicate floors or surfaces)
  • Good traction and shock absorption
  • Resistance to abrasion, chemicals and weather elements
  • Cost-effective and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications across various industries

Thermoplastic rubber castor wheels are of great use in industrial environments. That is because their versatile properties and exceptional traction on various surfaces make them ideal for transporting heavy loads in industrial settings conveniently and safely. They are used for material handling equipment, machinery and carts as they have the capability to reduce noise, protect equipment from damage and absorb shocks and vibrations. Therefore, we can say that thermoplastic rubber wheels enhance efficiency and productivity in industrial environments.

Yes! TPR wheels significantly contribute to workplace safety as they reduce the risk of accidents, prevent slips and falls and maintain a clean and noise-free work environment. In other words, TPR wheels’ shock-absorbing properties, excellent traction and non-marking and quiet operation play a crucial role in promoting a work environment for employees.

If you compare thermoplastic rubber castor wheels with other alternative wheel materials, you will find TPR wheels to be more affordable. The manufacturing process and materials make TPR wheels a cost effective mobility solution that still offers durability, resilience and versatility. In addition, the wheels are not only easy to maintain but they have a long lifespan. These two qualities also play a crucial role in making the wheels affordable. So, overall, whether you are using thermoplastic rubber castors for light-duty or heavy-duty applications, one is sure that these wheels provide good value for money without compromising on functionality or performance.

Thermoplastic rubber wheels offer excellent shock absorption and resistance to wear and these two qualities allow them to contribute to equipment longevity. The thermoplastic rubber composition in the wheels reduces the strain on the components of the equipment by absorbing all the vibrations and impacts. Moreover, the wheels’ durability and ability to maintain traction further eliminate the need for frequent replacements, protect the equipment from damage and ultimately contribute to the lifespan of the equipment.

The non-marking properties of thermoplastic rubber castor wheels make them ideal for indoor use as this property ensures that the wheels do not leave marks on the surface or cause any type of damage to the floor. Moreover, since TPR wheels offer quiet operation, they minimize the noise in indoor environments. Offices, warehouses and hospitals are some indoor environments examples where you can use TPR wheels’ for their shock absorption and maneuverability to ensure smooth and quiet movement.

Thermoplastic rubber castors are not ideal for use in corrosive environments because of their sensitivity to chemical degradation. However, you can use the wheels in environments with moderately high temperatures and consider switching to other wheel materials like polyurethane and stainless steel for extreme temperatures.

Yes! Thermoplastic rubber castors have shock-absorbing properties that reduce noise and vibration. Not only does this improve workers’ comfort but it also reduces the chances of fatigue during operation. Moreover, due to their durability and resistance to wear nature, thermoplastic rubber wheels offer reliable performance and minimize downtime for maintenance and replacements. In addition to this, TPR castor wheels facilitate smoother material handling processes with their excellent traction and maneuverability. All these things ultimately result in increased efficiency and productivity in industrial settings.

Manufacturers can melt and reform thermoplastics many times as thermoplastics are recyclable materials that do not lose their properties. And since thermoplastic rubber castor wheels are made from thermoplastics, these wheels are considered environmentally friendly. Besides this, the rubber material in the wheels can also sometimes be sourced from recyclable materials. It means TPR castor wheels are a greener option for many applications.