Strength with Glass Infusion

Reinforced Nylon Wheels

Featuring a load capacity range from 100-130 kgs, the 95 Shore D glass filled nylon wheel has the same weight capacity as that of a steel wheel. Despite this, the wheel is dramatically more lightweight and can easily operate in wet conditions, and that too without rusting. The wheel has an operating temperature range of 40° to 55° Celsius and offers excellent abrasion, exceptional impact strength and compression resistance. Glass filled nylon castor wheels are an economical solution for most of your demanding castor applications including automotive manufacturing, towline operations, aerospace industry, material handling, etc. These wheels offer high load capacities and deliver smooth mobility in heat intensive settings due to their innovative nylon and fiberglass construction. Muvall’s glass filled nylon castors are engineered to excel in various industries and to deliver reliable performance and longevity. Since we focus on strength and product quality, all the castors and wheels that we offer can effortlessly handle heavy loads without compromising stability. Contact us today to learn more about how our glass filled nylon wheels can help you transport equipment and maneuver industrial machinery smoothly!

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel SizeTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
PSTS F 75 32 GFPANA75x32mm103mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm100Kgs
PSTS S 75 32 GFPA75mm75x32mm103mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm100Kgs
PSTS B 75 32 GFPA114mm75x32mm103mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm100Kgs
PSTS BT 75 32 GFPA75mm75x32mm103mmNA30mmNANA100Kgs
PSTS BTBK 75 32 GFPA114mm75x32mm103mmNA30mmNANA100Kgs
PSTS F 100 32 GFPANA100x32mm130mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm130Kgs
PSTS S 100 32 GFPA85mm100x32mm130mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm130Kgs
PSTS B 100 32 GFPA114mm100x32mm130mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm130Kgs
PSTS BT 100 32 GFPA85mm100x32mm130mmNA30mmNANA130Kgs
PSTS BTBK 100 32 GFPA114mm100x32mm130mmNA30mmNANA130Kgs


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Industrial grade wheels that are made using nylon resin and glass fibers are called glass filled nylon wheels. This combination of materials enhances the wheel’s strength and durability. Besides being lightweight, these wheels have high load bearing capacity, are non corrosive and are chemical and moisture resistant. Because glass filled nylon castor wheels offer high performance and reliability, they are commonly used in material handling equipment and in many industrial applications. Moreover, their optimal balance of longevity and versatility also makes them suitable for various heavy duty tasks.

If you want lightweight castor wheels that are resistant to UV degradation and offer low rolling resistance, glass filled nylon castor wheels are the most reliable choice, especially for material handling tasks. Many industries use glass filled nylon castors for their strength and durability and consider the wheels ideal for heavy duty applications. That is because the addition of materials in these wheels is such that it enhances the wheel’s overall load bearing capacity. Moreover, by using glass filled nylon castor wheels, you can even ensure long lasting performance and smooth operation in many environments.

Glass filled nylon castor wheels offer a blend of resilient nylon and glass composition. Resistance to impacts, chemicals and high temperatures enables these wheels to excel in harsh environments and challenging settings. Here are some more features of glass filled nylon wheels:

  • They are lightweight
  • The wheels offer exceptional dimensional stability
  • With low rolling resistance, the wheels provide effortless and noise-free operation
  • They deliver long lasting performance in diverse industrial and commercial applications.

Besides excelling in material handling equipment such as carts, dollies and conveyors, Glass filled nylon wheels’ resistance to chemicals, moisture, and abrasion makes them suitable for many industrial and commercial applications and in a wide range of industries such as:

  • Manufacturing, distribution and warehousing
  • Automotive facilities
  • Food processing plants
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories
Overall, glass filled nylon castors are ideal for use in environments that demand reliability and durability.

Yes! Due to their composition that makes them resistant to corrosion and chemicals, you can conveniently use glass filled nylon castors in corrosive environments. The wheels ensure long term performance and durability even in extreme settings. That is why many industries that use corrosive substances frequently (laboratories, wastewater treatment plants and chemical processing) rely on glass filled nylon castor wheels.

Glass filled nylon castor wheels do not usually require lubrication because providing low friction and smooth rolling are their inherent properties. In other words, the wheels do not require any additional lubricants. This quality makes them ideal for maintenance free options in many applications and also helps users save time and effort. In addition, glass filled nylon castors are resistant to moisture and chemicals. This ensures long lasting performance instead of the risk of lubricants attracting dirt or debris.

Yes! Glass filled nylon castors are recyclable because the nylon resin used in their composition can be melted down and reused to create new products or materials. This is how these wheels are considered an eco-friendly option for many applications and contribute to sustainability efforts, reduce environmental impact and help conserve resources.

Consider buying high quality glass filled nylon wheels from the best castor and wheel manufacturers in India. That is because top castor and wheel manufacturers like Muvall are known for their expertise in industrial wheels and they offer the best quality glass filled nylon castor wheels. All their products are made from premium nylon resin and are reinforced with glass fibers. However, do not forget to consider factors such as load capacity, resistance to chemicals and certifications for compliance with industry standards when buying glass filled nylon wheels. Reading customer reviews and asking for recommendations from your supplier will further help you ensure reliability and performance.

Many castor and wheel suppliers often offer customized glass filled nylon wheels for specific applications to address their clients’ material handling needs. It means you can customize load capacities, wheel diameters, tread patterns and mounting configurations to ensure that the wheels are compatible with your specific equipment and environments. However, glass filled nylon wheels by Muvall are manufactured with precision to cater to numerous applications across various industries. As a result, the wheels ensure optimal performance without the need for customization.

Many reputable manufacturers, distributors and specialized suppliers offer glass filled nylon castor wheels in the industrial wheels and castors market. You can rely on companies like Muvall to find the right fit for your specific application needs as the company offers a wide selection of castors and wheels including glass filled nylon wheels. Furthermore, you may also find many online platforms and industrial supply stores offering a variety of wheels and castors.