PVC Wheel Solutions

Durable and Reliable Wheels

Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC castor wheels, are highly durable, reliable and versatile in the castors and wheels industry. At Muvall, we offer a wide variety of PVC wheels, each manufactured with precision to satisfy diverse industrial and commercial needs. Since PVC wheels are known for their exceptional strength and resilience, they are ideal for numerous applications. Besides boasting high load-bearing capacity, our Polyvinyl Chloride wheels offer unmatched stability and maneuverability.

No matter the industry (warehousing, manufacturing, hospitality or healthcare) in which you use our PVC wheel, smooth and efficient movement under heavy loads with enhanced productivity is guaranteed. The best thing about our PVC wheels is that they safeguard surfaces from scratches and scuffs and require minimal maintenance. That is because they can withstand harsh conditions and have non-marking properties.

We understand that when it comes to castors and wheels quality and reliability matter. That is why we engineer our PVC castor wheels heavy duty keeping in mind the highest industry standards, giving you peace of mind knowing you are investing in high-performance and reliable solutions for your business. Experience the difference with our superior PVC wheels, and contact us today to find the ideal polyvinyl wheels that will help you keep your operations moving smoothly.

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel SizeTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
PSTP S 40 20 PVCB36mm40x20mm60mm60x43mmNA45x30mm9x6mm30Kgs
PSTP B 40 20 PVCB65mm40x20mm60mm60x43mmNA45x30mm9x6mm30Kgs
PSTP F 50 26 PVCBNA50x26mm74mm70x51mmNA52x35mm8.5x12mm50Kgs
PSTP S 50 26 PVCB50mm50x26mm74mm70x51mmNA52x35mm8.5x12mm50Kgs
PSTP B 50 26 PVCB85mm50x26mm74mm70x51mmNA52x35mm8.5x12mm50Kgs
PSTP BT 50 26 PVCB50mm50x26mm74mmNA25mmNANA50Kgs
PSTP BTBK 50 26 PVCB85mm50x26mm74mmNA25mmNANA50Kgs

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel SizeTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
PSTP S 50 26 OPVCB50mm50x26mm74mm70x51mmNA52x35mm8.5x12mm50Kgs
PSTP B 50 26 OPVCB85mm50x26mm74mm70x51mmNA52x35mm8.5x12mm50Kgs


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The wheels made from polyvinyl chloride, a durable and versatile thermoplastic polymer, are called PVC wheels. These wheels are known for their lightweight nature, affordability and resistance to corrosion. Available in different sizes and designs, PVC wheels offer smooth performance in many industries, including logistics, manufacturing, automotive, retail and hospitality.

PVC wheels are available in sizes 1.5-2 Inches and have a load capacity range of 30-50 Kgs. These wheels feature 90 Shore A hardness and have 40° to 55° Celsius as a suitable temperature range. It means Muvall's Polyvinyl Chloride wheels offer reliable and efficient mobility solutions for light-duty applications.

Polyvinyl Chloride castors and wheels are a cost-effective solution for businesses that can be used for various applications. The wheel’s lightweight and durability reduce its maintenance costs and result in an extended equipment lifespan. Smooth and quiet operation, enhanced workplace efficiency and improved employee comfort are some more benefits PVC heavy duty castor wheels offer to businesses.

Although PVC wheels are lightweight, they offer excellent load-bearing capacity and durability. Moreover, their robust construction makes them resistant to wear and tear. This quality makes PVC heavy duty castor wheels ideal for industrial applications and other environments that involve moving heavy loads smoothly. However, PVC wheels are more suitable for light to medium-duty tasks because most industries prefer using rubber or metal wheels for heavy duty applications.

Yes, you can use polyvinyl chloride wheels outdoors. However, constant exposure to extreme weather conditions can reduce the wheel’s lifespan. For example, although the wheels are resistant to moisture, chemicals and corrosion, environments exposed to extreme heat or cold, direct sunlight and highly uneven surfaces will impact the wheel’s longevity. Therefore, if you want to use PVC wheels outdoors, consider investing in PVC wheels specifically designed for this purpose. Moreover, do not forget to run time-to-time inspections and maintenance to ensure smooth functioning in the long run.

Compared to other heavy duty castor wheels, PVC castor wheels heavy duty are more durable and resilient. As a result, they require minimal maintenance. Businesses can conveniently keep these wheels in good condition by regularly cleaning them with water and mild soap. Besides this, you can also consider periodic inspections and lubrication of bearings to ensure continued performance and smooth operation. It will also help you to remove debris and dirt buildup and inspect any signs of wear or damage.

PVC wheels typically offer different load capacities depending on various needs. There are many types of PVC wheels, from light-duty to heavy applications. While light duty PVC wheels load up to 100 kg per wheel, heavy duty castor wheels India can handle loads exceeding 500 kg per wheel. Therefore, light duty PVC wheels are suitable for carts, dollies and other lightweight equipment and heavy duty castor wheels are commonly used in manufacturing, warehousing and transportation industries. It means you can ensure that you will find a PVC wheel that is compatible with your specific equipment and requirements.

The PVC castor wheels heavy duty manufacturing process involves using chemicals, fossil fuels and energy intensive processes. It means that these wheels are not inherently considered environmentally friendly and they contribute to pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. However, PVC materials are recyclable, and their durability and longevity reduce the need for frequent replacements in the long run, making them a relatively sustainable and eco-conscious choice compared to other disposable alternatives.

PVC wheels offer many benefits over other types of wheels. They offer excellent resistance to corrosion, chemicals and moisture. In addition to this, their winning combination of competitive pricing and reliable performance makes them suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications. All these factors make PVC castor wheels a cost-effective choice for businesses and many industries seeking durability and efficiency in their material holding solutions.