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The wheels made from a phenolic resin compound (hard, dense and durable material), molded under high pressure and temperature, are called phenolic castor wheels. The ability to roll smoothly and quietly under heavy loads, low rolling resistance, excellent traction and effortless maneuverability are some key features that make phenolic wheels stand out. Although these wheels are resistant to grease, gasoline, mild acids and other chemicals, they are not considered ideal for wet applications.

If you are looking for top-of-the-line phenolic wheels, Muvall is here to help! We offer high-quality phenolic castor wheels to satisfy the demanding needs of industrial and commercial applications. Since all our products are manufactured with precision and expertise, they are sure to deliver excellent performance, reliability and durability.

Moreover, we use superior phenolic resin material so that our phenolic wheels can withstand extreme conditions and heaviest loads. As a result, you can conveniently use our phenolic casters for heavy-duty material handling tasks in manufacturing plants, warehouses and distribution centers.

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel SizeTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
PSTS F 75 32 PHBNA75x32mm103mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm100Kgs
PSTS S 75 32 PHB75mm75x32mm103mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm100Kgs
PSTS B 75 32 PHB114mm75x32mm103mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm100Kgs
PSTS BT 75 32 PHB75mm75x32mm103mmNA30mmNANA100Kgs
PSTS BTBK 75 32 PHB114mm75x32mm103mmNA30mmNANA100Kgs
PSTS F 100 32 PHBNA100x32mm130mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm130Kgs
PSTS S 100 32 PHB85mm100x32mm130mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm130Kgs
PSTS B 100 32 PHB114mm100x32mm130mm94x64mmNA73x45mm8.5x12mm130Kgs
PSTS BT 100 32 PHB85mm100x32mm130mmNA30mmNANA130Kgs
PSTS BTBK 100 32 PHB114mm100x32mm130mmNA30mmNANA130Kgs


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Industrial grade wheels that are made from phenolic resin and are combined with other materials are called phenolic castor wheels. These wheels that feature a hard and dense tread are known for their durability and high load bearing capacity. Besides this, they provide exceptional resistance to wear and are chemical resistant. Commonly used in heavy duty applications like material handling equipment and carts in industrial environments, phenolic castor wheels are suitable for settings where reliability and performance are essential.

Since phenolic castors excel in environments that demand high load capacities, resistance to chemicals and durability, they are suitable for many heavy-duty applications. Here are some:

  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Aerospace industry
  • Tow trucks, dollies and machinery
  • Towline operations
  • Material handling and warehouses
  • Rough and uneven surfaces
Overall, phenolic castor wheels are considered a preferred choice for industrial environments that demand reliability, stability and resistance to wear.

Here are some key features of phenolic castor wheels:

  • Phenolic wheels are resistant to oils, grease, chemicals and moisture. That is why they ensure reliable performance in many applications across different industrial settings.
  • The wheels have a dense and rigid wheel tread that provides exceptional durability and resistance to wear.
  • They have high load bearing capacity and this quality makes them suitable for heavy duty applications.
  • The wheels are available in sizes 3-4 inches and have a load capacity of 100-130 kg. The suitable temperature range is -40° to 180° Celsius and shore hardness is 95 Shore D.
  • They have low rolling resistance that further contributes to the smooth and efficient movement of loads and equipment.

Below are some advantages of using phenolic castor wheels:

  • The wheels offer low rolling resistance, have non-marking properties and smooth operations. All these properties of the wheels make them suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications.
  • Phenolic castor wheels offer reliable performance, have a longer lifespan and are economically priced.
  • They can easily withstand impact loads and can operate in high temperature environments.

In addition to having dense and rigid construction, phenolic castor wheels have low rolling resistance and they have the ability to maintain stability at higher speeds. As a result, you can conveniently use these wheels in high speed applications. Even at elevated speeds, smooth and efficient movement is guaranteed. It also means phenolic castors suitable for use in devices and equipment that demand quick and precise maneuverability like carts, dollies and material handling devices.

Yes! Castor and wheel manufacturers specifically manufacture their phenolic wheels to withstand heavy loads. While doing so, they use durable phenolic resin and reinforce them with other materials. Because of this, the wheels offer exceptional strength and load bearing capacity. Furthermore, the wheels’ dense and rigid composition adds to their strength, enabling them to support heavy materials and equipment in industrial environments. It means you can choose phenolic wheels for applications that demand robust performance under substantial weight.

You can use phenolic castors on sensitive flooring surfaces. However, it is not recommended to use them on sensitive floors for a long time. That is because phenolic wheels are made using hard and dense tread material that can potentially cause scratching or marking on the floor over time. This is why many industries prefer using softer wheels such as rubber or polyurethane for sensitive flooring as these castor wheel materials provide better protection against damage while still bearing excellent load bearing capabilities.

Yes, although phenolic castor wheels can be used outdoors, the wheels’ performance may vary depending on environmental conditions. That is because while the wheels are durable and resistant to grease, oils and chemicals, exposure to harsh outdoor conditions such as sunlight, moisture and extreme temperatures for a long time can result in wear and degradation of the wheels. Therefore, considering the specific outdoor environment and its potential impact on the wheels’ performance and longevity when using them for outdoor applications is vital.

The best thing about using phenolic castor wheels is that the wheels can withstand high temperature environments, and that too without compromising their performance. These wheels do not fail to maintain stability and functionality even in elevated temperatures because the phenolic resin used in their construction is known for offering excellent heat resistance. This makes phenolic wheels ideal for use in extreme heat conditions.

Phenolic resin can be melted down and reformed into new materials and since phenolic castors are made using phenolic resin, they are recyclable at the end of their lifespan. This way, phenolic wheels contribute to sustainability efforts and are eco-friendly as proper disposal and recycling of these wheels reduce waste and ensure they can be repurposed and reused.