Iron-Core Strength, Polyurethane Smoothness

High-Density PU Cast Iron Core Wheels

Polyurethane castor wheels with cast iron core offer a superior solution for many industrial and commercial applications as these wheels combine the durability of cast iron with the performance of polyurethane. The wheels are manufactured to bear substantial loads while ensuring smooth movement, noise free operations and superior maneuverability.

While the cast iron core provides the required strength and stability to handle heavy duty tasks in distribution centers, warehouses and factories, the polyurethane outer layer offers exceptional shock absorption and noise reduction properties. It is what enhances the wheels’ overall operational efficiency and worker comfort.

Moreover, the polyurethane material’s non marking properties and resistance to abrasion, chemicals and harsh environmental conditions ensure that the wheels never fail to deliver consistent performance even in the most challenging settings. Whether you have to transport heavy equipment, materials or machinery, no matter the industrial setting, polyurethane cast iron core castor wheels are sure to provide excellent performance while enhancing productivity.

The best thing is that since the wheels come in different sizes and configurations, you can be stress free that there is a PU cast iron core wheel that will perfectly align with your specific requirements, equipment and applications. Polyurethane cast iron core wheels by Muvall are highly durable and versatile. These qualities make our wheels an ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable and long lasting mobility solutions.

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel SizeTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
MFTP F 100 50 PUCBNA100x50mm142mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm250Kgs
MFTP S 100 50 PUCB74mm100x50mm142mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm250Kgs
MFTP B 100 50 PUCB145mm100x50mm142mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm250Kgs
MFTP F 150 50 PUCBNA150x50mm192mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm320Kgs
MFTP S 150 50 PUCB109mm150x50mm192mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm320Kgs
MFTP B 150 50 PUCB145mm150x50mm192mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm320Kgs
MFTP F 200 50 PUCBNA200x50mm242mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm380Kgs
MFTP S 200 50 PUCB153mm200x50mm242mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm380Kgs
MFTP B 200 50 PUCB158mm200x50mm242mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm380Kgs

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel SizeTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
HDF F 100 50 PUCBNA100x50mm158mm150x112mmNA120x60mm13mm250Kgs
HDF S 100 50 PUCB91mm100x50mm158mm150x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm250Kgs
HDF B 100 50 PUCB155mm100x50mm158mm150x110mmNA120x60mm20x13mm250Kgs
HDF F 150 50 PUCBNA150x50mm205mm150x112mmNA120x60mm13mm350Kgs
HDF S 150 50 PUCB130mm150x50mm205mm150x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm350Kgs
HDF B 150 50 PUCB163mm150x50mm205mm150x110mmNA120x60mm20x13mm350Kgs
HDF F 200 50 PUCBNA200x50mm254mm150x112mmNA120x60mm13mm450Kgs
HDF S 200 50 PUCB151mm200x50mm254mm150x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm450Kgs
HDF B 200 50 PUCB187mm200x50mm254mm150x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm450Kgs


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Polyurethane cast iron core wheels are wheels where a polyurethane tread is molded onto a cast iron core. Excellent durability, load bearing capacity and resistance to wear and tear sets these wheels apart from other castor wheel materials like rubber or plastic. Featuring shore hardness 95 Shore A, polyurethane cast iron core wheels are available in wheel sizes 4-8 inches and have a load capacity range of 250-1000 kgs. Muvall’s PU cast iron core wheels have a suitable temperature range of -55° to 80° Celsius. These wheels ensure smooth operation and longevity and are suitable for heavy duty applications because they are made using a combination of polyurethane’s resilience and cast iron core strength.

Here are some reasons why you should switch from traditional wheel materials to polyurethane cast iron core wheels:

  • PU cast iron core wheels are durable and boast high weight capacities while maintaining top-notch rollability and floor protection.
  • The wheels offer more resistance to wear and tear than traditional castor wheels materials such as rubber and plastic.
  • Besides improving strength and stability, these wheels also provide smoother operation, reduced noise levels and better floor protection.
All these qualities make PU cast iron core wheels a cost effective and reliable choice for diverse industries.

Polyurethane cast iron core wheels are used extensively across various industries including industrial manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, construction, automotive, foundries and metalworking and industrial carts and trolleys. If we talk about applications, these wheels are used in both indoor and outdoor applications that demand heavy duty castors with high load bearing capabilities. Some common applications include industrial trucks, equipment used in assembly lines, dollies, conveyor systems and carts.

The wheels are designed in such a way that they ensure longevity and durability even in extreme conditions. In other words, the PU material acts as a protective layer that prevents corrosive substances from damaging the underlying cast iron core. This design makes the wheels resistant to chemicals, oils and solvents and well suited for applications in corrosive environments like chemical processing, marine environments, food manufacturing, etc.

Below are some factors you should consider when selecting the appropriate size and load capacity of PU cast iron core castor wheels for specific applications:

  • Weight of the load being transported
  • The frequency of use
  • The terrain and surface conditions
  • Any additional stress factors present in the environment
In addition to the above four factors, ensure that the chosen castors can safely support the intended load and provide smooth mobility to meet the requirements of the specific application.

Although polyurethane cast iron core castors have a higher initial cost than other castor wheel materials like rubber or plastic, these wheels offer an extended lifespan and superior durability. The wheel’s robust construction guarantees longevity and reduces the need for frequent maintenance or replacements. It means if you want castor wheels with the ability to withstand heavy loads, you can consider investing in PU cast iron core wheels as it will surely be a good long term investment. Moreover, the wheels will perform well in numerous environments which will eventually contribute to reduced replacement and maintenance expenses over time.

When using machinery or materials equipped with polyurethane cast iron core wheels, consider the following safety features:

  • Right wheel size to ensure stability
  • Load capacity ratings, as it will help you prevent overloading
  • Wheel material properties to avoid slippage or loss of traction
Furthermore, you can ensure optimal performance and reduce the risk of accidents in the work environment if you inspect wheels regularly for wear and damage and follow the required maintenance procedures.

Regular inspection and maintenance are key to maximize PU cast iron core castors and wheels’ lifespan. By maintenance, we mean that you must prevent premature wear by keeping the wheels clean from debris and contaminants. In addition, consider lubricating bearings daily as it will facilitate smooth operation and will reduce friction.

Polyurethane cast iron wheels are eco-friendly because they have longer lifespans than other castor wheel materials. Their durable construction results in longevity and reduces the frequency of replacements. In addition, the wheels are recyclable as their materials can be reduced and reused at the end of their life cycle. It is how PU cast iron core wheels contribute to a lower overall environmental impact.

Compared to other wheel materials, polyurethane castor wheels offer superior performance. That is because the wheels' combination of durability, resilience and versatility allows them to provide excellent load bearing capacity and noise free operation across various surfaces. All these factors make these wheels ideal for heavy duty industrial applications in logistics, manufacturing and healthcare industries compared to other wheel materials.