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Easy Rolling Tapered Castor Wheels

Tapered polyurethane castor wheels are wheels that feature a tapered shape design which is necessary to ensure easy pivoting and maneuvering in tight spaces. The adaptability of these wheels allows them to deliver high performance in settings that focus on agility and demand precise maneuvering.

Simply put, PU tapered castor wheels are ideal for applications that require precise steering. The polyurethane material itself offers many advantages such as impressive load bearing capacity, resistance to many chemicals, oils and abrasions and non marking properties.

If you are looking for castor wheels that represent a pinnacle of design and functionality in the world of industrial mobility solutions, consider investing in polyurethane tapered castor wheels by Muvall. Our wheels are made from high quality polyurethane and they offer a perfect balance between durability and flexibility. It means you can rely on our wheels to ensure long lasting performance, and that too under various operational conditions.

Choosing Muvall’s polyurethane tapered castor wheels means opting for the best industrial castor & wheel manufacturer that offers reliable products with expert craftsmanship. So whether you are thinking about upgrading your existing equipment or designing new installations, Muvall can provide you with the best mobility solutions.

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel DiameterWheel WidthTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
MFTP F 100 50 PUB(T)NA100mm50mm142mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm230Kgs
MFTP F 150 50 PUB(T)NA150mm50mm192mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm280Kgs
MFTP F 200 50 PUB(T)NA200mm50mm242mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm300Kgs
MFTP S 100 50 PUB(T)74mm100mm50mm142mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm230Kgs
MFTP S 150 50 PUB(T)109mm150mm50mm192mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm280Kgs
MFTP S 200 50 PUB(T)153mm200mm50mm242mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm300Kgs
MFTP B 100 50 PUB(T)145mm100mm50mm142mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm230Kgs
MFTP B 150 50 PUB(T)145mm150mm50mm192mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm280Kgs
MFTP B 200 50 PUB(T)158mm200mm50mm242mm116x100mmNA85x70mm20x13mm300Kgs

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel DiameterWheel WidthTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
HDF F 100 50 PUB(T)NA100mm50mm158mm150x112mmNA120x60mm13mm230Kgs
HDF F 150 50 PUB(T)NA150mm50mm205mm150x112mmNA120x60mm13mm280Kgs
HDF F 200 50 PUB(T)NA200mm50mm254mm150x112mmNA120x60mm13mm300Kgs
HDF S 100 50 PUB(T)91mm100mm50mm158mm15x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm230Kgs
HDF S 150 50 PUB(T)130mm150mm50mm205mm15x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm280Kgs
HDF S 200 50 PUB(T)151mm200mm50mm254mm15x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm300Kgs
HDF B 100 50 PUB(T)155mm100mm50mm158mm15x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm230Kgs
HDF B 150 50 PUB(T)163mm150mm50mm205mm15x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm280Kgs
HDF B 200 50 PUB(T)187mm200mm50mm254mm15x110mmNA120x60mm26x13mm300Kgs
Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel DiameterWheel WidthTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
PST F 100 50 PUB(T)NA100mm50mm135mm135x114mmNA105x80mm13.5x11mm230Kgs
PST F 150 50 PUB(T)NA150mm50mm185mm135x114mmNA105x80mm13.5x11mm280Kgs
PST F 200 50 PUB(T)NA200mm50mm235mm135x114mmNA105x80mm13.5x11mm300Kgs
PST S 100 50 PUB(T)93mm100mm50mm135mm135x110mmNA105x80mm13.5x11mm230Kgs
PST S 150 50 PUB(T)117mm150mm50mm185mm135x110mmNA105x80mm13.5x1mm280Kgs
PST F 200 50 PUB(T)131mm200mm50mm235mm135x110mmNA105x80mm13.5x11mm300Kgs
PST B 100 50 PUB(T)100mm50mm135mm135x110mmNA105x80mm13.5x11mm230Kgs
PST B 150 50 PUB(T)160mm150mm50mm185mm135x110mmNA105x80mm13.5x11mm280Kgs
PST B 200 50 PUB(T)160mm200mm50mm325mm135x110mmNA105x80mm13.5x11mm300Kgs

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel DiameterWheel WidthTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
PSTIL F 100 50 PUB(T)NA100mm50mm140mm95x95mmNA70x70mm16x11mm130Kgs
PSTIL F 150 50 PUB(T)NA150mm50mm194mm115x102mmNA90x64mm16x11mm150Kgs
PSTIL F 200 50 PUB(T)NA200mm50mm249mm102x115mmNA90x64mm16x11mm180Kgs
PSTIL S 100 50 PUB(T)116mm100mm50mm140mm95x95mmNA70x70mm16x11mm130Kgs
PSTIL S 150 50 PUB(T)116mm150mm50mm194mm120x95mmNA90x64mm16x11mm150Kgs
PSTIL F 200 50 PUB(T)144mm200mm50mm249mm95x120mmNA90x64mm16x11mm180Kgs
PSTIL B 100 50 PUB(T)136mm100mm50mm140mm95x95mmNA70x70mm16x11mm130Kgs
PSTIL B 150 50 PUB(T)136mm150mm50mm194mm120x95mmNA90x64mm16x11mm150Kgs
PSTIL B 200 50 PUB(T)147mm200mm50mm249mm95x120mmNA90x64mm16x11mm180Kgs


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Wheels that are made from durable synthetic rubber and are designed with a gradually narrowing diameter are called polyurethane tapered castor wheels. These wheels offer enhanced maneuverability and they are ideal for industrial environments as they are resistant to wear, abrasion and chemicals. The design of the wheels is such that it improves stability and promotes smooth and quiet operation on various surfaces. Polyurethane tapered castors are suitable for applications in industries that demand precise movement and floor protection like warehousing and manufacturing.

Here are some key benefits of using tapered polyurethane castor wheels:

  • Superior maneuverability and easy navigation around corners and tight spaces
  • Excellent traction and durability
  • Reduced noise and floor protection
  • Resistant to chemicals and wear
  • Enhanced equipment stability and smooth movement
All these benefits make tapered polyurethane castor wheels ideal for harsh industrial environments.

Yes! Due to their versatility, polyurethane tapered castor wheels can be used on various floor types such as hardwood, tile and carpet. Their non marking nature and scratch resistant properties make them best suited for sensitive flooring. However, you must consider the floor condition and wheel size to ensure optimal performance and reduce the risk of any potential damage on very soft and uneven surfaces.

Although the exact capacity depends on the size and design of the wheel, featuring shore hardness of 92 Shore A, Muvall’s PU tapered castor & wheels support load capacity range from 120-300 kgs. These wheels are available in sizes 4-8 inches and have a suitable temperature range of -55° to 80° Celsius. Since PU tapered castors & wheels are manufactured to handle varying weights efficiently, they are suitable for both light and heavy duty applications in offices and industrial settings respectively.

Yes! Polyurethane (PU) castor wheels are highly resistant to chemicals and oils. The properties of polyurethane material are such that it is the best choice for environments exposed to many chemical substances and petroleum-based products. This ensures that the wheels do not fail to offer the desired performance and do not degrade when exposed to harsh chemicals. As a result, PU tapered castors are suitable for use in laboratories, factories and other industrial environments where contact with chemicals is common.

Usually, polyurethane tapered castor wheels are resilient across different temperature ranges. These wheels prevent brittleness and cracking in cold environments by maintaining flexibility better than standard rubber castor wheels. When we talk about hot conditions, high-quality PU tapered castor wheels are designed to withstand moderate heat without degrading. However, extreme temperatures can affect the performance of the wheel and reduce its lifespan. That is why it is important to choose the wheels that are specifically rated for the expected temperature range.

Polyurethane tapered wheels are ideal for applications that require smooth maneuverability and floor protection. These include use in industrial equipment, medical equipment, warehouse trolleys, construction workspace, material handling equipment, carts & conveyors and automotive workshops. The durability, versatility and robust performance of these wheels also make them ideal for outdoor use on uneven surfaces.

Polyurethane tapered castor wheels do not require much maintenance as regular checks for wear or damage and tightening any loose bolts and fasteners are enough to ensure longevity and optimal performance. You can also consider cleaning and lubricating the wheels periodically as it will not only remove debris that could affect movement but will also promote smooth rotation.

Muvall's polyurethane tapered castor wheels are designed to offer high performance even under heavy loads and after frequent use. We only use high-quality polyurethane to construct these wheels and that is why our wheels never fail to provide unmatched durability and wear resistance. In other words, the robust design of our PU tapered castors enables them to maintain performance and mobility without affecting the floor. This ensures a long service life even in the most demanding industrial environments and high-load applications such as manufacturing and warehousing where reliable heavy duty mobility solutions are required.

You should choose Muvall as your trusted castor and wheel manufacturer because we offer the best and the most durable polyurethane tapered castor wheels that are guaranteed to offer superior performance. Moreover, our focus on innovative design and customer satisfaction enables us to manufacture castor wheels that enhance efficiency in various settings. So, contact us today and choose us as your reliable partner for all your mobility requirements!