Smooth and Silent Mobility

Gravity-Centered Castor Solutions

Low center of gravity castor wheels are wheels that are positioned lower to the ground than standard castor wheels. This specialized wheel design leads to enhanced balance and decreased chances of swaying.

If we talk about applications, low gravity castors excel in industries and applications that involve transporting heavy equipment or bulky loads. It is why these wheels offer improved safety, high load bearing capacity and maneuverability in diverse applications, from industrial machinery to baby strollers.

Therefore, if you are looking for reliable mobility solutions in both home and commercial settings, consider relying on low gravity castor wheels by Muvall. Our wheels are available in wheel materials- Black Polypropylene, Black Nylon and Cast Iron (Polyurethane Coating).

Since our low center of gravity castors are backed by our commitment to delivering high quality industrial castors and wheels to our customers, you can be sure that investment in our trusted castor wheel solutions will be worth it. So, why are you still waiting? Explore our low center of gravity castor wheels today and elevate your equipment mobility to new heights!

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel DiameterWheel WidthTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
PSTP F 75 45 BPPBNA75mm45mm105mm105x80mmNA82x60mm11x9mm250Kgs
PSTP S 75 45 BPPB55mm75mm45mm105mm105x80mmNA82x60mm11x9mm250Kgs
PSTP B 75 45 BPPB90mm75mm45mm105mm105x80mmNA82x60mm11x9mm250Kgs

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel DiameterWheel WidthTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
PSTP S 50 39 BNYB43mm50mmmm39mm75mm84x84mmNA63x63mm11x9mm300Kgs
PSTP B 50 39 BNYB78mm50mm39mm75mm84x84mmNA63x63mm11x9mm300Kgs

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel DiameterWheel WidthTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
PSTP F 75 50 PUCBNA75mm50mm105mm90x109mmNA85x60mm11x9mm500Kgs
PSTP S 75 50 PUCB77mm75mm50mm105mm90x109mmNA85x30mm11x9mm500Kgs
PSTP B 75 50 PUCB120mm75mmmm50mm105mm90x109mmNA85x60mm11x9mm500Kgs

Product codeSwivel RadiusWheel DiameterWheel WidthTotal HeightPlate SizeStem HeightHole PitchHole SizeLoad Capacity
PSTP S 75 24×2 BNYB-TW65mm75mm24mm99mm95x66mmNA72x45mm8.5x12mm250Kgs


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In the low center of gravity castor wheels, the design is such that the wheel is positioned closer to the ground compared to traditional castor wheels. This configuration enables the wheels to deliver improved stability and reduced chances of tripping when navigating rough terrain and transporting heavy loads. The feature that sets low gravity castor wheels apart from other wheels is the ability of these wheels to keep the center of gravity lower, allowing them to offer more balance and control. Moreover, this feature also makes these wheels ideal for industrial and medical applications that demand stability.

Low gravity castor wheels are different from traditional castor wheels in the following ways:

  • Unlike traditional castor wheels with a high center of gravity, these wheels are designed with a lower center of gravity.
  • The wheels offer enhanced stability on uneven surfaces and when carrying heavy loads and maneuvering around obstacles.
  • Low gravity castor wheels boast improved balance and safety and they are more suitable for industrial and commercial applications compared to traditional castor wheels.

There are many benefits to using low gravity castors and wheels. Here are some:

  • Enhanced stability, control and maneuverability
  • Reduced strain on equipment and the floor
  • Less chances of tripping and improved safety in workplaces
  • Smooth movement of heavy loads in various environments and applications
  • Improved business efficiency and productivity

Many industries rely on low gravity castors for various applications. For example, the healthcare industry uses these wheels for medical carts, the hospitality industry uses these wheels for service trolleys and the retail industry uses low gravity wheels for display racks. These wheels are commonly used in these particular industries because in these industries, safety and maneuverability are crucial. And since low gravity castors are known for offering enhanced stability, they are ideal for these industries. Furthermore, you will also find low center of gravity castor wheels in manufacturing plants where equipment needs to be moved from one place to another with minimal chances of imbalance.

Yes! You can use low center of gravity castors and wheels on a variety of flooring surfaces. The reason? Their design allows them to provide stability no matter what the following surface is. It means low gravity wheels are good to go on smooth, uneven and even rough surfaces like concrete, wood, carpet and tiles. However, do not forget to consider factors such as load capacity and wheel material, as it is the best way to ensure optimal performance and longevity on specific flooring types.

Yes! Low gravity castors lower the center of gravity of the material, equipment or furniture they are attached to and then help improve stability. These wheels are positioned closer to the ground, and that is why they reduce the risk of toppling over. This enhanced stability not only increases workplace safety but also provides greater confidence in maneuvering objects in various environments.

Although low center of gravity castor wheels typically require very little maintenance, you must regularly inspect the wheels for signs of wear or damage. It includes identifying worn bearings or debris buildup. In addition, cleaning the wheels, lubricating their moving parts and replacing worn components will also help you ensure that the wheels are free from obstructions and continue to offer optimal performance and safe operations.

Usually, industries like aerospace, electronics manufacturing and medical equipment benefit greatly from using low gravity castor wheels. That is because these industries involve the handling of delicate or sensitive materials. Besides this, these industries also demand precise movement and stability to avoid the risks of damage to valuable components. Furthermore, industries like food and beverage and pharmaceuticals also rely on low gravity wheels to ensure the transportation of goods smoothly and hygienically while also maintaining product integrity and compliance with strict quality standards.

No! Low gravity castor wheels do not require any special installation techniques. However, you must ensure that they are properly attached to your equipment or furniture. For this, you need to use the right mounting hardware and ensure proper alignment. Only then will you be able to maintain stability. Moreover, consider manufacturer guidelines and installation recommendations, as it will help you optimize performance and ensure the safe usage of low gravity castor wheels.

If you want to select the best low center of gravity castors for your application, consider the following factors:

  • Load weight, surface conditions and required maneuverability
  • Determine whether you need additional features like brakes or swivel locks for your specific use case
  • Always choose low gravity wheels and castors with a wide wheel base and low mounting height for more stability.
  • Search for good quality materials and bearings to ensure durability
  • Ask for recommendations from your castor wheel supplier based on your requirements