Nylon Caster Wheels By Muvall: Features And Benefits

Published January 23, 2024

Nylon is a strong and resilient thermoplastic. This material is used in the manufacturing of various industrial objects as it has exceptional qualities that help minimize the operating noise and reduce part weight. It is a synthetic material (man-made) that falls into the category of “Polyamides”

Nylon has been used for over a century and is created by reacting Carboxylic acid molecules with Amino molecules which makes it the perfect material to be used by caster wheels manufacturers in India.

Today, Nylon is used to manufacture a variety of equipment such as domestic equipment, commercial equipment, industrial equipment, caster wheels (or castor wheels) etc.

Benefits Of Nylon Caster Wheels

As a nylon caster wheel manufacturer, we at Muvall use nylon for its exceptional mechanical qualities and benefits, such as:

High Resistance Against Friction

Nylon is one of the strongest and friction resistant forms of plastic. Due to its low resistance level it offers effortless rolling capabilities which makes it easy and smooth to manoeuvre. The abrasion resistant property of nylon makes it the perfect material for manufacturing caster wheels heavy duty as it offers protection against marks or scratch damages on the floor.

The low roll resistance helps reduce human effort and fatigue which is why it is a good idea to use nylon wheels for trolley manufacturing. Nylon is resistant to damages caused by a number of chemicals which makes it the ideal material for manufacturing equipment that requires regular cleaning and washing.

High Tensile Strength

As one of the strongest forms of synthetic plastic, nylon offers high tensile strength. This property makes it the star material of our nylon caster wheels catalogue.

Nylon offers high resistance against wear and tear which makes it sturdy and protects the caster wheels from any damage on impact. It offers extraordinary capacities for carrying heavy loads as compared to other forms of plastic.

High Elasticity Level

Nylon features a 20% to 40% breaking extension and a 2.7 GPa modulus of elasticity. In other words, Nylon is highly elastic in nature which allows it to be moulded in any shape or form. This makes it non-brittle and allows it to remain strong even after being exposed to the sun and heat for a long period of time.

It does not wear and tear with time as other materials often do and will remain unfaded and as good as new for years. Nylon 66 and Nylon 6, two of the strongest and most durable grades of nylon offer low high mechanical and impact strength at low costs.

High Melting Point and Temperature Resistance

As a highly temperature resistant material, nylon offers an exceptional melting point of 268.8°C. It can handle a temperature within the range of -56°C to 121°C without breaking a sweat. Being a thermoplastic material, Nylon 6 grade offers an exceptional melting point of 220ᵒC and Nylon 66 offer a melting point of 265ᵒC, which is incredible.

The high temperature resistance makes Nylon great for manufacturing caster wheels heavy duty as it offers ease of operation, without weakening, in temperatures as high as 80ᵒC and as low as -30ᵒC.

These mechanical qualities of Nylon make it the ideal material for manufacturing caster wheels.

Nylon Caster Wheels Catalogue By Muvall

At Muvall, we are a nylon caster wheel manufacturer with a comprehensive in-house testing facility. To ensure that our products are of the highest quality, we conduct a number of rigorous quality assurance tests such as testing maximum load, tire hysteresis, material analysis and much more.

Our nylon caster wheels catalogue features various products such as the European Series, the medium duty casters, heavy duty casters, etc. Each series comes in 3 different variants:

  • Fixed casters (or castors)
  • Swivel casters (or castors)
  • Brake casters (or castors)

Each variant can be purchased in 3 different wheel dimensions and load capacities:

  • For the 100 x 50 mm wheel dimension, the load capacity is 200 Kg
  • For the 150 x 50 mm wheel dimension, the load capacity is 280 Kg
  • For the 200 x 50 mm wheel dimension, the load capacity is 300 Kg

As one of the reputed caster wheels manufacturers in India, Muvall employs cutting edge technologies to manufacture industrial wheels and casters of the highest quality. We have a production system with state of the art facilities such as CO2 welding systems, power presses, auto controlled hydraulic compression moulding, hydro pneumatic press, etc.

We believe that in order to create the best integrated wheels, it is crucial to have complete control over all the critical production processes. Our reputation extends across borders as a reliable and leading product manufacturer. We are known to provide mobility to a variety of industries worldwide. Our services range from industries such as hospitals, automobiles, etc. Our products are the ideal solution for equipment with load requirements ranging from 20kg to an outstanding 2000kg+ per caster.

Our goal is to create and develop industrial casters and wheels that not only feature the highest of quality but are also cost effective for a diverse range of applications. We believe that we can never stop learning which is why our production processes, manufacturing processes and customer service are continually being improved.

With an extensive knowledge of the industry and years of seasoned experience, Muvall commits to transform your complex and painstaking tasks into mobile and seamless jobs. We aim for consistent quality and excellence which is why our products cater to millions of industries that require casters and wheels in India.

With an exceptional rate of customer repeatability (over 97%), we are the best at what we do.

Key Takeaways

Nylon is one of the best materials to manufacture high load equipment due to the plethora of benefits it has to offer.

Here are the key takeaways from the above discussion:

  • High resistance to abrasions
  • A low friction level
  • Resistance to wear and tear
  • Resistance to impact damage
  • Very high load capacity
  • High resistance to heat
  • Non-marking qualities
  • Low cost material
  • A long life span

All these qualities make nylon the ideal material for caster wheels manufacturing.