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PU Caster Wheel

PU Caster Wheel: Why Use It in Industrial Applications?

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Since Casters make it possible to move materials quickly and safely, they are integral components in the industrial world. Despite this, many companies overlook the significance of casters and think that any wheels can also do what Casters do. But if you want to use casters rightly, you must understand the different types of casters and how choosing one caster over another will benefit you.

With that said, Polyurethane wheels are a popular fixed caster wheel for industrial applications. Do you know why? Continue reading the blog for five reasons you should prefer using polyurethane Caster wheels in Industrial applications.

What is Polyurethane?

Invented in the 1930s because of the scarcity of rubber, Polyurethanes is a polymer that manufacturers use to make strong and rigid fixed caster wheels or soft items such as mattresses and cushions.

Since its creation, manufacturers have been using polyurethane to manufacture many general household, industrial and military equipment and items, including shoe soles, airplane parts, car panels, and more.

5 Reasons to Use Heavy Duty PU Caster wheels in Industrial Applications


Whether you are using a PU caster in a caster application or drive wheel applications, they are a preferred wheel tread for use on industrial wheels. That is why choosing poly wheels in specific caster applications is a good choice.

Besides their ability to reduce noise and push force while efficiently increasing wheel life, here are five more reasons, or we can say benefits to using Polyurethane wheels in industrial wheel and caster applications:

  • Higher Load Bearing Capability

Although there are many rubber alternatives to polyurethane wheels, they are not much favored because they do not have higher load-bearing capacity. PU Caster wheels, on the other hand, provide a much more load-bearing capacity and can withstand heavier loads.

The best thing is that besides this capability, the wheels offer all the benefits rubber casters offer. These benefits include noise reduction, floor protection and shock absorption. All these factors make PU Caster wheels India suitable for medium to heavy-duty applications. 

  • Better Grip and Traction

The next benefit of using polyurethane wheels in industry applications is the material’s coefficient of friction. Sliding is usually a problem for harder wheel materials. However, polyurethane has a grippy material and provides excellent traction to push wheels and achieve the desired driving force by helping to reduce the amount of load on the wheel. 

Earlier, people had to change the wheels frequently due to rust. But today, the PU caster wheel’s highly durable material has tackled this issue well. The upper coating on the wheel not only protects it from rusting but also increases the wheel’s lifespan and provides a solid grip.

  • Floor Protection

Usually, people use polyurethane wheels in applications where it is necessary to protect the floor. That is because the wheels are known for their capability to reduce the stress concentrations on floors by deflecting and creating a much larger footprint than other wheel materials like nylon.

In simple words, since PU caster wheels are gentle on the floor, they keep the floor in good shape for a long time. That is why in industry applications where it is critical to protect the floor for your operation or the floors cannot have foreign object debris, using PU caster wheels heavy duty is preferred. 

  • Noise Reduction

Harder wheels like steel and cast iron make too much noise when used in an industrial environment. On the other hand, the PU caster wheel is quiet in operation. This quality makes the wheel a perfect choice for industrial applications.

The wheel helps reduce noise because polyurethane acts as a shock absorber, allowing the wheel to absorb bumps from uneven surfaces. This way, the PU caster wheel can protect your employees’ hearing. 

  • Resistance to Corrosion

You must know that many types of polyurethane exist, and each has different resistance levels based on specific environments and conditions. For example, while some polyurethanes might break down or corrode in humidity in the presence of water, some polyurethanes do not break down.

That is why, in cases where chemical exposure becomes a problem, you might have to use a corrosion-resistant PU fixed caster wheel to prolong the wheel’s life. Unlike traditional Caster wheels that require protection from water, oil, grease and environmental factors, polyurethane wheels hold a fair advantage as these wheels are more durable. These wheels wear and tear 8x less than metal and plastic Caster wheels.


You must have realized that Polyurethane Caster wheels are one of the most highly produced and best wheel types in the caster industry. It is because, in addition to offering the five most popular benefits we discussed in this blog, polyurethane Caster wheels provide many of the same benefits as rubber and thread wheels. These benefits include firm grip and shock absorption.

That is why using PU Caster wheels in an industrial environment and your home garage is a wise choice! Now that you know this, are you ready to invest in the best polyurethane Caster wheels? If yes, choose Muvall! As a leading manufacturer of Caster wheels Heavy Duty, we ensure we only deliver superior-quality products to our customers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1- Does polyurethane make good Caster wheels?

Ans. The answer is yes! Polyurethane gives long life and durability to Caster wheels. As a result, a PU caster wheel is much more resistant to wear and tear than traditional Caster wheels. Moreover, these wheels are safer, affordable and reliable solutions for businesses. 

Q2- How is a PU castor wheel different from a rubber wheel?

Ans. Polyurethane castor wheels with ball bearings remain noise-free and durable for a long time. Whereas, rubber wheels become noisy over time and wear out faster. Simply put, polyurethane wheels are more reliable and have a longer lifespan.

Q3- Is it easy to maintain and clean a PU caster wheel?

Ans. Yes! You can easily clean the dirt or debris on the wheel using a damp cloth. However, lubricate the wheel bearings daily, as it is the best way to keep the PU caster wheel running smoothly.