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Castor Wheels 101: Things To Know About Wheels And Castor

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Struggling to choose the right type of castor wheels for your needs?

Confused about terms like locking castor wheels, swivel castor wheel and fixed castor wheels?

Worry no more!

Muvall is here to help you with a guide of all the wheel casting details you need to know to make an informed decision.

In this blog we will dive deep into some wheel casting terms and phrases that you must know when looking to buy castor wheels. You will also find a glossary of terms that are an absolute must know. By simplifying technical jargon and key phrases we will help you make your purchase journey an easier and more enjoyable experience.

When looking to buy castor wheels in India, it is important to ensure that you are choosing the one that will offer you the optimal functionality and mobility.

So let’s get started on this roadmap to a better understanding of the different terms, phrases and characteristics of the wheels and castor world.

Types of castor wheels

Maintenance Free castor wheels:

The maintenance-free castor wheels are created in such a way that they make turning or starting to roll much smoother. They can be especially helpful when all the wheels are not aligned. Since they come with sealed precision ball bearings and durable raceways they offer an effortless swivel rotation without the need to apply much force. This helps reduce human effort making the task much easier and quicker.

Kingpin castor wheels:

The kingpin castor wheels use both a load-bearing and thrust-bearing system in order to efficiently carry the load. The standard kingpin design comes with a slotted nut along with a threaded kingpin. These types of casters are commonly used as heavy-duty industrial casters. When you use a kingpin caster, tightening the nut with a higher rotational force reduces its ability to swivel.

Rigid castor wheels:

Rigid castor wheels are also known as “fixed casters”. This is because these wheels don’t swivel which is also why they are often used as guide wheels in various applications.

Kingpinless castor wheels:

Kingpinless casters have become popular in industrial use because they provide you with a low cost solution for tasks that require a lot of work. They require minimal to no maintenance. Known for its durability and strength, this type of caster is the perfect choice for industrial equipment used for shock loading. The outer as well as the inner rings are heat treated to ensure strength along with high-quality 1/2 inch ball bearings that help with alignment. The swivel part is designed in such a way that the ball bearing is placed in a shear load. This helps ensure smooth and robust operations during the loaded swivelling state. Kingpinless casters are the ideal solution for situations where manual ergonomic operations are required.

Spring Loaded castor wheels:

These types of casters offer a number of benefits such as smooth movements, reduced risk of damage and less operational noise. This is because they are designed in such a way that absorbs shocks and minimises impacts on the cart. These casters are the ideal choice for fragile loads that may need to be protected from even the slightest of vibrations. Such casters work wonders for surfaces that are not even or for damaged floors. However, it is important to note that using the correct springs is also important to achieve proper deflection. This is why, at Muvall, we always ensure that the ideal caster and spring combination is put together. We understand the negative effects that improper spring selection can have and are always proactive so that our customers benefit from the right combination of caster and spring.

Swivel castor wheels:

A swivel caster is an element that enhances the mobility and movability by allowing the cart or platform to move in the desired direction. These casters feature a section, commonly known as a swivel section, that contains various kinds of ball bearings depending on the load capacity so that optimal manoeuvrability is achieved.

Different Brake Types For Wheels

Face Contact Brake:

The face contact brake is the most efficient and effective kind of break. All you have to do is tighten the brake shoe against the wheel.

Cam Brake:

If you have a light or medium duty caster, the cam brake is a smart choice for you. It is a budget friendly way to ensure your wheels stop smoothly to avoid abrupt impacts.

Dual Side Brakes:

Looking for a cost efficient hub brake? The dual side brake might be just what you are looking for. Make sure that the operator remembers to engage each brake lever.

Wrap Around Brake:

The wrap around brake is the most convenient type of break. It gives you complete access to the braking system, no matter how your caster is positioned.

Single Side Brake:

If you are working with medium to heavy duty casters featuring wheels with a diameter of 6 to 12 inches, the single side brake is a simple yet effective solution for you. It is also a budget friendly choice.

Caster Wheel Bearings

Roller Bearings:

Roller bearings are designed in such a way that they are able to handle heavier loads compared to ball bearings of the same size. The bearings are completely secured by hardened washers. The outer race shell is split so that the roller assembly can fit perfectly.

Delrin Bearings:

Delrin bearings are strong and durable. They can work efficiently even in conditions such as high humidity or heat. They are the perfect choice for equipment that requires regular steam cleaning or comes in contact with water regularly as they are resistant to rust and corrosion.

Precision Tapered Bearings:

For equipment that regularly handles heavy loads, the precision tapered bearing is the ideal solution. This is because it can efficiently handle side thrust loading as well as high speed operations. However, it is advisable to perform regular checks to ensure the bearing is properly adjusted in its place.

Oilite and Bronze Bearings:

Oilite and bronze bearings offer a number of benefits. They come infused with oil which facilitates self lubrication, they are resistant to rust and corrosion which makes them ideal for usage in wet environments, they can efficiently work under high temperatures with little to no need for maintenance.

Annular Ball Bearings:

For industries that require a quiet and smooth rolling, the annular ball bearings are the perfect solution. They are ideal for carrying medium to heavy weights. The whole unit is mounted on the wheel and they come pre-assembled for ease of usage.

Precision Sealed Ball Bearings:

The smooth rolling and low maintenance needs are the major reasons for the popularity of precision sealed ball bearings. They are the ideal solution for carrying medium to heavy loads. It is important to remember that they are NOT efficient for heavy loads.

Caster Wheel Types For Different Applications

Single Flanged Wheels:

Single flanged wheels are crafted with strong and durable materials to offer strength to the wheel. They are often used to move loads on tracks made of steel. They are preferred in industrial uses where controlled movement is an important factor. They offer safe and precise movements. These wheels can carry heavy loads as they offer a maximum capacity of 68,000 kgs per caster.

Round Tread (Donut) Wheels:

Commonly referred to as the donut wheel, the round tread wheel is an ergonomic solution. It features properties that help reduce friction and facilitate the removal of debris effectively. However, these wheels are not suitable for heavy loads. These wheels are also available in various polyurethane formulations.

Dual Flanged Wheels:

Since they operate on rails, dual flanged wheels ensure precise positioning for indexing through work cycles. These wheels are made out of premium cast iron and steel. They offer high levels of strength. They can be adapted to different applications as they feature different bore sizes as well as optional keywaying.

Polyurethane Wheels:

Due to the exceptional durability they offer, Polyurethane on Cast Iron wheels are one of the most popular choices for industrial casters. These wheels can carry heavy loads with ease. They also offer long life and floor protection. At Muvall, we ensure that all our customers receive only the highest quality polyurethane wheels.

Mould on Rubber Wheels:

The mould on rubber wheels offer a class 30 grey iron center permanently bonded with a 70 durometer rubber tread. This uniqe combination offers a range of benefits such as shock absorption, floor protection as well as a quiet ride. These wheels are not only efficient but are also quite cost effective. They are ideal for light to medium loads.


Track Brush Wiper:

Track wiper brushes are used when any type of wheel is running on a track where dirt or debris can stop the movement, damage the wheel or take it off the track completely. A track wiper brush is the perfect solution for extra protection against debris and build-up.

Angle Reinforced Legs:

To ensure maximum durability and strength, heavy duty angle reinforced legs are used. They are created by either using gussets on the inside of the leg or angle iron on the outside. When side loading, these legs come into play as they have been designed specifically for strengthening the caster.

Heat Treated Raceways:

To help prevent brinelling, heat treated raceways are equipped. They are often used in swivel caster raceways.

Toe Guard:

As the name suggests, the toe guard is an apparatus that is used to protect the feet of the workers. It is set up at a height of aprox. 1.5 inches from the floor. It is used in both power as well as manual applications.

Sealed Wheels:

To enhance the protecion against debris and dirt from building up, sealed wheels often use rubber inserts.